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  1. Well guess what i fixed it (sort of), i run 6 screens, my primary monitor is usually the lower left which was the case with the issue. I rember form BS1 running 4 and six screens all the fun we had to do for 0,0 and ghost screens. so i sent my top left monitor primary (im not using eyefinity 6 and a single desktop at the moment, so 6 independent screens) and bingo the mouse lines up. I was very happy to see dcs world utilize full screen on all monitors with out eyefinity setup (very cool) i guess this is one of the small draw backs (not an issue). p.s. DCS is still the top of the game from my perspective, just wish i had more time to play. ah may around the holidays....
  2. Another update: my mouse is actually working but the coordinates are off substantially. I noticed when i went to click on the first buttom i think its "fly" it high lights text in the mission log/discription window. when i go to exit if i move my mouse all the way tot he bottom of the screen i can actually high light the top buttons resume, however can not click on quite.... Any ideas ?
  3. Just to add additional details, im running windows 7 ultimate. have tried BS2, A10C and SU25 and behavior is the same. I actually just did a re-install of DCS world (had completely removed all software several months ago. after doing base install it warned me about the update which seems to have completed correctly. but while in the cock pit mouse seems to navigate view but when i leave the game i have a cursor but no click on the menu items so have to load up task manager and endtask the dcs process. have tried all solutions above with no luck any suggestions ? P.s. the link in Sabre-TLA's post is not longer valid so may be this is what i am missing.
  4. just did an update this morning and lost my mouse function in cockpit or on menu on exit, is there a fix ?
  5. Well, Thanks for the info Unfortunately AMD just lost another follower, at least for the CPU's, I did step it up a bit and purchased the 2700K i7, I also bought the P8Z77-Pro MB, Haven't got it home yet but will spend this evening setting things up and let you know. I did find info about the 8150 running windows 8 and it does run much better but alas no where near the i7. Any who, Thanks for the info and comments. Robin
  6. HI Guys, I'm upgrading my PC, I primarily do two things with my PC: CAD and DCS BS and A10 Current Setup: CPU: AMD 1090T Black MB:Asus Extreme IV Video: Dual 5780 in CF, running 6 monitors (3 x 42" 1080p and 3x 27" 1920 x 1200), Game res: 5760 x 2280. RAM: 8G Disk: OCZ Revo 120G, pciE Sticks: X65F Tacking: Free track I have an opportunity to upgrade, I do get decent FR (in the 30's with a tail wind) of course on the low end but still decent settings. I just went out and picked up: CPU: AMD FX-8150 MB:Asus CrossHair V Video: HD7970-DC2T I only have one but will add a second the moment it comes in to stock. Ram: 32G 2133Mhz Disk: Revo 3 X2 240G I picked everything up but have not unrapped it yet. I went on line to grab all the drivers and such and started the reading the reviews on the AMD CPU and it looks bleak. I have been a fan of AMD's price point for many years and been happy riding slightly late on the performance wave as it were. But the reviews really don't look good. My Question: As i primarily use the machine for DCS does anyone have any feed back running this combo? Are there issues ? is this the moment to return the MB and CPU and go intel (is the benefit there versus the cost) Are there any good reviews anyone has seen or heard of i can read. This has kind of put a damper on my weekend and am looking for any assistance. For those that will state the obvious :) i should have done my research first but as i said this was a little bit of a supprise so i jumped at it but want to make the right choices. I appreciate any advice in advance, Thanks Robin
  7. Cheap Active Adapters I just found out that there are active miniDP to VGA adapters at a local Computer Dealer in town I'm heading over there tomorrow. I will keep you posted if this works they are half the price of the Dell adapters. $39 each we shall see.
  8. Thin Bezels That's a tough one, I always keep my eye out, but for the most part the larger the monitor the wider the Bezel by design. Also as the larger monitor or screen is more likely to be used for movie watching the wider the bezel as it improves immersion in the movie. But creates quite the opposite efffect when used in multi monitor setups. The best practice I have found is monitor placement so that bezels stay out of the way or line up with natural obstructions on the screen/cockpit (usually easier in flight sims and impossible in FPS) I also use TrackIR for head tracking so even good placement when starting of doesn't last long but I found good placement when centered goes a long way. Another trick I found it to use industrial strength black velco between the monitors to stick them together helps. It does not allow light or background images to show through at the connecting pionts which is hard to do without velcro or some other way of removing the seem. I run a strip full height top to bottom of the screens at the connecting edges. I hope some of this helps.
  9. eyefinity 3 round 1 http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=47986&highlight=render
  10. On a quest for an ever better, ever faster digital cockpit I picked an ATI 5870 eyefinity 6. I will find the link to my old thread and post it here about how far I took the eyfinity 3's and tested 5750's, 5770's, 5870's I settled for dual 5770's partly because of budget and partly because I found once you spread from the three main monitors to the second card the performance hit was huge and I saw little difference between the cards and when I wanted to really push the FRS on three I used crossfire. With this in mind I recently picked up a 5870 eyefinity 6 in hope of getting better frames rates running all 6 monitors because all monitors were being processed and distributed by the same card. I am happy to announce I found this to be true. I used to get between 8 and 12 FPS (running 5760x3120) which was not really playable it did let me fly around in peace and get some things working head tracking, screen placement, etc. with a full cock pit but it was impractical for real game play. Now with the eyefinity 6 I am running at 16 to 20 FPS running all 6 compared to 8 to 12 I can tell you the game seems quite playable and I'm very happy. I'm not sure what would happen if I ran a second in cross fire but my budget is a little thin because of the following. So I made a couple of mistakes HUGE mistakes, mostly because I should have know better. In fact I feel like a bit of dumb ass but thought I should share in case anyone comes close to making the same mistake. When I received my eyefinity 6, as I mentioned above I had two 5770's and six monitors which meant I also had to have two ACTIVE display port adapters. I run 3X 28" I-inc (HDMI 1920x1200) monitors across the top in landscape and 1x 22" (DVI 1680x1050) in bottom center landscape flipped and two Dell 22" (DVI 1920x1080) portrait and portrait flipped on bottom left and right. When I bought the eyefinity six i looked around for info and saw many comments about it supporting DVI, HDMI and DP of cause it came with 6 mini DP sockets but also came with 2x mini DP to DVI 2x mini DP to Full DP and 1x mini DP to HMDI. I could find much about who was running with what and all the testing was done with DP monitors with additional mention of the support for other hardware. Well you can probably guess where this is going but I spent another 300$ on various additional passive adapters and cables @ 30$ a pop for the adapter and 30$ for the cable it adds up really fast and there is no money back on either if it does not work. YOU STILL NEED ACTIVE adapters for every port but two. The card will only use any combination of two DVI, HDMI at a time on any of the ports the rest have to have true DP devices attached (which makes trouble shooting a little whacky i can tell you). There is no mention in the manuals of this and its hard to find any mention on the web, until you really look specifically anyway :) So I am about to spend 200 more dollars on two more active adapters from dell (i used dell for the first two and they work ok) So the card cost me 500$ from newegg the cheapest i found, to run the card on non DP monitors you will need one Active DP adapter for each additional monitor past 2 so 4x 89$ so don't plan buying the card unless you plan to spend another 400$ on adapters (no crossfire for me for a while :() Not to mention the $300 I blew on adapters and cables due to excitement and a lack of home work. New hardware the final frontier...... The game is awesome though. I hope this helps some one save some bucks. The card is awesome in all other ways, I do think vendors should be a little clearer about requirements though. Would I have bought the card anyway YES. Would i have wasted $300 on adapters and cables NO. Would I have ordered Active DP adapters right of the bat YES. Would I have wasted a week trying to fix what was not broken NO. Would I have so over joyed and felt like giving my $300 to ATI for a second 5870 PROBABLY. That raises a good question can you crossfire an eyefinity 6 5870 with a non eyefinity 6 5870 ????? O no :) Have a good one.
  11. I didn't spring for the WiiMote yet but I'm going to give it a shot. I did get the camera working with FreeTrack with very cool results. I picked up a half dozen IR LEDs and sacrificed one of my BCaps :) I don't even see that much of a FR slow down but that could be because things couldn't get much worse :) So far im around 12 to 15 FPS not great but still squeezing the last little bit of juice :) Robin
  12. Good to know, I actually just bought a web cam a couple of days ago, for testing i used my laptop that has a cam built in. I will see if i can get my hands on a WIImote and read through your threads. Anyone in perticular i should focus on ?
  13. P.S. if anyone else has any places to piont me as to FR ernhancements let me know. Also I do have a 720P projector and 1024x768 projector i find there is to much loss. Robin
  14. Hi Guys, Thanks CyBerkut for the info, the 5970 does look really cool and seems to perduce great stats at high resolution and OC. I will pick one up this weekend and see what can be done. The support for FC while using Eyefinity will obviously help, we will see what becomes of it i will cirtainly post any results. Davek1979 as CyBerkut mentioned i think imersion and what we derive from sim experience is a very unique and personal thing. For me and i would assume im not alone its pushing the envelope in several ways and depends on the day: There are days when i feel like manually going through the start up sequence cruising around and finding out what the sim can do and getting as close as I can to "flying a Heli" and for that having the cockpit in view even at the cost of FR is acceptable. Obvisouly not to low.,.,.,.,. There are also days when i feel like flying 60 ft of the ground flat out and kicking some ass and for that FR and less or more focussed monitors is definitlely the way to go. And i think there is a need to constantly push the envelope expecially in the multi monitor area. One of the reasons BS is so cool is because of its so tweakability. Also multi monitor setups will become more and mroe common fopr other reasons and if youve got it why not. JG14_Smil i have been playing/building with freetrack so i will see this weekend what kind of performance hit it takes. Unfortunatly for now i do not live in the city i work in so weekends are the only time i get to use my system right now :( Well guys thanks for the feedback and i will deffiniatly keep you posted.
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