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  1. Hi devs, I checked the new semi-procedural cockpit canpopy reflections in Su-25T and they are look fantastic! I would really love to see them on all the aircraft now, specialy like MiG-15, those ones looks like forgotten vinyl on the glass... Specially in VR, the new onse have depth! Thank you.
  2. Aaaaaa gosh, that is too bad... It was much better and make much more sense when it works as preset... Not it is useless and basically not wroking, there are basically no airports to be used with...
  3. Hello, Acording the manual I should be able to set frequencies for the 3 NDB switches in the ME. But The tab to do it never show up in the ME. Not with current lile nor beta build. Is this a bug? Or do I need to set something first?
  4. Hello, There is an issue that the brakes are only bindable to a button. Could you add an axis to it like other planes have? If it is just a button, I cannot use my pedals for it...
  5. Most compatible are frames designed for it, so like SU-33 for example... In general if the frame was designed for it in real, then they made it in DCS capable as well...
  6. Hi guys, Since the new DC World 2.7 was announced I'm wandering how it is going to be with compatibility with all the missions modules etc... Does anybody know? Or what is the general expectation? Will everything break, specially the older missions/campaigns, or everything will "should" work? It will be great if some dev could answer this one... Thank you.
  7. Hi guys, Heaving troubls beating the mission 5. I want to do it properly and actually hit the train with the bombs, at last a bit. But it is quite difficult, the flak coverage is quite large and they alwais shoot me down. And you can't use your mates for cover since they follow you, so you are first flaks start shooting at. And they do not engage the train until you with them get close and order them to do it, so though luck... Is there a "recomended" approach vector? Or a way how author picture it? I'm trying to follow the briefing so I'm in angels 12, following the waypoints.
  8. Nope. No offense, but this is just wrong. The functions of those two levers is writen in the manual which comes wiht the plane. You can read it your self...
  9. You should keep it on auto. The thing is that if the oil is cold than it looses viscosity, meaning it is too dense and do not flow so good. So this is why you have "happy medium" for optimal performance. This is the auto radiator does, keep closing and opening for oil to have the desired temperature.
  10. Not sure if they really answered your question yet. You need also have good airflow to prevent overheating. The thing is that your carburetor never get a chance to overheat, because the heat is transferred by the oil and the oil is cooled by the air. But if you do not get enough airflow the oil get hot and it gains viscosity, becomes fluid like water, stop lubricating engine and will end in seized engine... To prevent that you need airflow...No matter the air temperature. So the RAM air open and speed over 200 knots, 250 if you want to be sure...
  11. Same here I second this idea... Those reflections looks terrible in VR. They look like car vinils sicked on the glass...
  12. Aaaa gosh... I was hopping I can learn much... But never mind. Did you used anything extra, like some special editor or something? Or is everything "stock" like you can do everything in the mission editor we got with the game, please? Thank you.
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