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  1. While integrating the Mig-21 into my Flight Planning Tool I have noticed a difference between the manual and the values displayed in the mission editor. Small external tank Manual (page 15): 382kg fuel + 52kg tank weight= 434kg Mission Editor: 436kg Difference: 2kg Big centerline tank: Manual (page 15): 625kg fuel + 57kg tank weight = 682kg Mission Editor: 689kg Difference: 7kg My question is, is this a mistake of the manual or is the mission editor displaying a wrong value for the tanks or is the difference the weight of the rack of the tank?
  2. I personally believe that the golden years of LLTM with FC-3, when 20 pilots and more took part in it, have been gone. At these former times 90% of the pilots have had a Dutch Display Flanker Team, a JaBoG32 or a vJG71 tag plus some lone wolves. The complete vJG71 and many of the former participating pilots of the JaBoG32 aren´t active anymore or have switch to new squadrons. And those of the remaining pilots are flying now a days A-10C or KA-50 and are waiting for the F-18C and are not interested in FC-3. So, if there should be a future for the LLTM in my personal view, it can only work fo
  3. I´m just integrating into the Flight planning tool, beside the A-10C and KA-50, the UH-1H, P-51D and all flyable aircraft of FC-3 so that the kneeboard tool of PeterP can be suported.
  4. I think a PM is the best way because I´m not a friend of skyp.
  5. That should be no problem to integrate the Huey.I will see next week to collect all data for it.
  6. hi boris At the moment you can buy the thrustmaster joystick without the throttle. Alternate is offering the stick e.g. for 250,- €. So I think that these prices that you a referencing are only the stick . http://www.alternate.de/Thrustmaster/Thrustmaster+Hotas_Warthog_Flight_Stick_U,_Joystick/html/product/1078558/? And if you look for "more infos" they say "joystick" and not hotas. So I would call the reseller what he realy is selling. edit: http://www.thrustmaster.com/de_DE/produkte/hotas-warthog-flight-stick
  7. The base for my rotation speed calculation within the program is the takeoff airspeed chart from TO 1A-10A-1-1 (Screenshot). The correction value for rotation speed is at the moment -8 kt. So if you are looking for your actual weight and your flap setting (0° or 7°) you will get a specific takeoff speed and minus 8 knots that is the rotation speed. After testing in our squadron we decided, that 8 knots is the best correction value for the A-10C in DCS. The temperature is not taken into account for this calculation. These values for the calculation are stored in an excel-sheet called “DCSD
  8. Yes, it would be nice if there would exists an interface to determine a METAR for a specific point and time like an airfield or a FARP (parameter: latitude/longitude/timestamp). But in this case you need an interface that would only work for a running mission or ED would create something that is standalone without running the mission that you can embed into a separate program. Unfortunately, the algorithm is hard-coded with some weather parameters you can set within the mission editor and I have no clue how to interact with the weather engine of the program. But perhaps someone of ED can giv
  9. Flight Planning Tool for DCS Adjustments for DSC 1.2.3 and 1.2.4 (A-10C and KA-50 are supported) Weapon drag index calculation for the A-10C (thanks to Eddie (476th) for info) Excel Flight Log extension TOT (departure delay, playtime over target area) for waypoints (VBA Scrips) Navigation Calculator Small GUI improvements There has been a failure within the beaufort scala Download: Version 1.1a
  10. @alexej21 Perhaps "Aries Radio", written by towsim, is a solution for you. It suppports A-10C, P-51D, CA and FC3. The only restirction is at the moment, that you have to run DCS World in windowed mode. You can get further information in this thread: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=104800
  11. For me it´s working fine with version (64 bit).
  12. Hello Viper I´m missing the F-15C fuel flow bug/problem in your list which I have reported a few days ago and Kuky confirmed.
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