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  1. Second that, RedKite is so smart and has a unique ability to explain things in a way that makes learning easy. Thanks RedKite
  2. I'll have to bump the RAM issue or check with Corsair. If it was me I would just reset the ram in the slot and check again. As for the DL, that should be all you have to do, i.e., click the DL. Maybe try different time of the day, I don't know where the servers are but I had various DL speeds at different times of the day. Also, have you done a speed test on you system and/or bufferbloat test? Get CCleaaner program and clean out your system. Good luck.
  3. Agree, should be total fun not constant troubleshooting. Appreciate the suggestions and will look them over. Bests,
  4. Crawleysnipe, Fly and have fun. Listed below is you max temp from Nvidia website so temp is good. Try lowering some settings. Here's a video that might help you tweak some settings for better performance. Good luck. Thermal and Power Specs: 88 Maximum GPU Temperature (in C)
  5. Hi there, If it were me, I would just download (DL) everything new again from the website. First start with DCS world either 2.5 or 2.5.6 open beta or both. Once the world is loaded and running typically it will alter you that you have other modules to DL. Good luck.
  6. P.S. Welcome, I'm fairly new as well. BTW, nice set up you have there!
  7. Hi, That sounds odd to me. My speed is twice yours and it still takes a while but like maybe 20~30 minutes. Make sure you are doing the tor download and not HTML. The tor is faster
  8. Cooter like tebsu said try another port or go into your motherboard BIOS and make sure you have all the USB ports active.
  9. Hello to all that help me! Just wanted to update you that I was able to work a deal with the seller and get a refund. I'm going to purchase a new stick and throttle. Sadly, I never got a response from Thrustmaster so I'm not going to go with their product(s). I understand we are in trying times but surely some sort of troubleshooting response could of been sent. Oh well bottom line is I really appreciate the help from you all and look forward to flying/practicing again real soon with new stick and throttle. Any suggestions appreciated for new stick and throttle.. :)
  10. ilikepie, I like the way you think! I agree with you. Not only was I able to duplicate on my laptop but I did it on another separate hard drive from my gaming hard drive with the same results. Agree, it's the stick and not software related. No response from Thrustmaster which is a little disappointing given most say the CS is good. I was able to work a deal from where I purchased for a refund. Needless to say based upon my TM customer service experience I will not buy another Warthog Joystick or Throttle. Thanks so much for your troubleshooting expertise and continued help. Me, I can't
  11. Deleted the "config" folder in DCS but still no go. I'm hesitant to take it apart for fear of voiding the warranty and my luck really screw something up.
  12. Okay going to try now and delete the config folder..
  13. Using the TARGET device analyzer here are my numbers with the stick centered: X=31520 Y= 34094 Here is with pitch up X= 29222 Y=65535 Any sort of movement of the stick bring all sorts of aberrant numbers.
  14. Just the windows properties or more specifically the windows calibration tool i.e., never centered and it I move the stick the "x" on the windows square goes crazy in all different directions. Say if I pitch up the "x" will move very bottom far right or something similar. In DCS the stick responds but literally no control of the aircraft as the movements are so misaligned.
  15. Yes ..TM drivers web page linked Hi Cooter, Yes, I do recall having to install drivers first then connecting devices. Also, I checked TM website and under "Drivers Release Notes" toward the bottom this is confirmed. Here's a link to the TM driver site https://support.thrustmaster.com/en/product/hotaswarthog-en/
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