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  1. @SkateZilla, the DCS Updater / Launcher GUI Utility is essential - I appreciate and look forward to the update. Last year I started adding more to DCS and found myself using the External Apps launcher to manually and or automatically launch utilities. I am now using C1, C2, C3, and C4. Will this feature still exist in the next version and will it be possible to have the icons adopt the default icon from the Windows EXE file? Cheers and Thanks!
  2. Very happy that I bought this map at Launch. Also happy that I bought a 1TB SSD last year for DCS.. LoL.. All is LOOKING VERY GOOD@MAESTR0
  3. I just ordered the X56 Stick Extension. Maybe some 1/10 Scale 125mm (Hole to Hole) shocks lying in a drawer will be fun tory try. If I can work out something in the next 4 to 6 weeks I will post a picture. Cheers
  4. Looking like an Instant Classic.. Thanks!
  5. Hi, @=Andre=Thank you for your quick reply to my e-mail! To anyone in Canada that has Received a JetPad in the last 3 years can you confirm how much TAX and Duty you Paid? I am hoping that it will just be the Standard 13% HST and 5% Default Duty after that. [edit] It's Official - My Order has been Placed in the shop and I got my INVOICE # IN##00##32 It looks like my "wife" will eventually be getting a Olive Green JetPad FSE edition. Hahaha I did appreciate how buying SimsHaker WHEELS at the time of checkout gives a discoun
  6. To avoid potential future performance problems try not to completely fill any SSD or NVME. For running and loading DCS you should not see much if any difference between a GOOD SSD and an NVME. (You would have to do Benchmarking with a stopwatch to Notice) Look at a minimum 500 GB or 1TB (if you have other games and Lots of Mods and skins in your Saved Games) if you can. Go with what is on Sale and what has good reviews and performance with read and write. I have a 1 TB Samsung 860 EVO SSD and it is Half Used now with DCS, IL2 and a few other things.
  7. @pet333rI love the Latest Updates! We can never make it so that locations are perfect for all devices and users preferences. - This is just LIFE! I like the Navigation Buttons Style < > and that they are opaque is an excellent idea. They are the same as your Webpage - Nice. As people get used to the button locations, you could even have a dial in Settings to further reduce opaqueness. Consistency of Navigation buttons Location is a nice feature and I see you did that as much as possible. You managed to use the Top Right and Top Left Corne
  8. I don't own a AMD x570 yet, but it is on my wishlist. I hope the coming April AMD AGESA 1.2.02 update fixes USB issues including any on X56. https://www.anandtech.com/show/16554/amd-set-to-roll-out-agesa-firmware-usb-fix-for-ryzen-coming-april
  9. Re: JetSeat and war stories: I have just starting reading-skimming the Main ED Forum Threads for the JetSeat and Free(Donation Ware) Software called SimShaker for Aviators. Looks like 5 years of comments and over 200 Pages mostly positive comments and some reviews so far. Lots of the typical Trouble shooting and and Feature Request questions with constant participation by the developers. So far it seems better than what I have now, which is a 20 year old Herman Aeron Office chair. 2 Threads: Gametrix JetSeats thread (in English) [Official] SimShaker
  10. Yah.. the Technology in Sim Pits is fantastic these days, especially for car racing. There is Something Called a Buttkicker Gamer2 that looks like it adds even more "Kick" to your chair.. lol. I do know that Flight Sim and Race Car sims are MUCH MUCH cheaper than real racing.. I hope to get the "courage" to order the JetSeat this week, I just realized how "DEAD" everything felt when taxing, landing and flying in DCS. There is just no soul. You even get haptic feedback when airbrake and flaps are deployed and with Angle of Attack.. lol.. I will just tell my wife it i
  11. @pet333r Thank you for the update! I will probably install the update in a few days.. But I thank you in ADVANCE for giving option for gestures and buttons for swipe.. Regarding increased panel performance on A-10C CDU: I have an older Nexus 10 Tablet: On the F/A-18C I noticed a 1 to 1.5 second LAG between UFC and EFEI on my Monitor verses the DCS UFS Android App. I did not notice the same LAG with newer phones or Tables, but really did not pay much attention or trouble shoot further, because it was not a real problem for me. Would the performance upd
  12. @greyeagle787 You will Enjoy DCS - great community - - If you are patient you will be rewarded - After you purchase your main peripheral's, and you have some money left in your budget you can check this out: Here is the Main DCS Forum Thread - the Developer @=Andre= is a regular participant.
  13. @Bergison That cool. I have not got mine working yet, but I place 100% fault on my "Potato" Setup. LoL. If I get a chance I will try 0.22 if not I can wait for your next release. Cheers..
  14. Suggestions Try the options below: Make sure you unplug ALL other USB Flight Devices like Throttle and Flight Stick etc.. Do not plug in your Combat Rudder Pedals until prompted by setup program Run Setup program as administrator Try the Older version of Driver (I use this >> see attachment) Pro_Flight_Combat_Rudder_Pedals_7_0_47_1_x64_Drivers.exe
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