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  1. Good Idea! I don't Fly the Viggen much now but, nice to know in case one day I start up again.. Great APP!!!

    F-5E re-WORK

    Yikes!! Hospital.. ... .....the best thing I can say about any hospital these days is that it is great if you are able to walk out of one! Take care..
  3. Nice.. I noticed the same the other day too, but since I had never shot up the B-17 in detail and up close before I was not sure if the blood and violence was part of the damage model update. I certainly was surprised when I saw all that blood. LoL..
  4. Is this what you are looking for? I used a version of this procedure a year ago to remove the annoying Center Detent on my pedals.
  5. Thanks BIGNEWY. Seems like the Glitch is easy to re-produce. Let us know if you still need replay tracks or more information under certain special situations. To reproduce all you need is a few WWII AI planes in Caucasus. The glitch will come as soon as you start doing serious damage via bullets or even Sidewinders from Jets like F-16 or MiG-19. I use a lot of Mod's so I don't want to waste any of your time with my tracks.. Good luck ED..
  6. I was just able to download the 737 MB MB-339_v2.0.1.exe file from the link: http://www.freccetricolorivirtuali.net/ I am using CHROME.
  7. Speed Brake Extend Retract Using 2 Position Switch a.k.a Else IF Helps anyone with a X55/X56 HOTAS so speed brake is on Thumb Slider where it should be. Or for those that use a two-position toggle for Speed Brake on their throttle. Example: Switch Position Pressed: Speed Brake Extend and Stay in position until released. Switch Position Released: Speed Brake Retract. CODE Example for default.lua: Two-position toggle Switch or Slider Switch on an X55 and X56 Flight Stick {down = iCommandPlaneAirBrake, up = iCommandPlaneAirBrake, name = _('Airbrake Sli

    RGB lighting

    The RGB Colors are less than accurate. In practice I try to use only 1 color and keep the intensity down. I have had Red set to 5 and others on zero for a long time it is persistent. Cheers.
  9. The I-16 has the most beautifully artistic cockpit in DCS. The listed updates you are providing will be very much appreciated! Many thanks for the update Plexus . There is already an Excellent English Cockpit Quartermaster created - Since you are doing an I-16 Update you can save a few hours by adding his MOD to the Update. The I-16 is your Project so it is your choice. I-16 English Cockpit MOD created by Quartermaster! (Very nice includes all labels and Knots Airspeed) Type - ModAuthor - Quartermaster Date - 19.09.2020 02:48 https://www.digit
  10. Thanks for joining the party @Battlefield Productions! All your suggestions from your introductory post are fun and valid. If there is one thing in your list that you are PASSIONATE about, as a developer and a DCS customer, I would hope you would include that in what could be your first wave. I do like the idea of having what sounds like "High Fidelity" vehicles and weapons systems in the future.
  11. I just started following this Cockpit Indication Fix MOD. Many thanks for the update, it really does the job! Thank you.
  12. ReShade 4.9.0 User here. I just successfully Installed and flew the Hercules Beta ver 6.1 for the first time. Ticking the box to enable Steam & ReShade in DCS SPECIAL OPTIONS Menu completely fixes the previous versions FPS issues. Thank you ANUBIS for the successful fix - Congratulations on your wonderful MOD! I am also getting a DCS Crash to Desktop as soon as I end a Mission with the Hercules in it. I am running a Plethora of MOD's at the moment so I will not trouble shoot in the current state. RE: DCS Crash To Desktop (CtD) - I also get more frequent
  13. @jocko417 - I remember watching that F-104 episode of Star Trek when I was a kid and then re-watching it 40 years later. Tomorrow is Yesterday was a fantastic episode and excellent advertising for the Starfighter back in the late 1960's. VSN has a UFO Mod - maybe someone can put a skin on that and cook up a USS Enterprise lol.. - Again many thanks for the memories that these CF-104 Skins bring back.. Cheers! I hope new DCS Clouds look like this in the "Near Future"
  14. Seems to be a common problem with the Saitek / Logitech X-56 sliders and dials on the throttle too. Try to use a MODIFIER when doing any ZOOM. That way the jittery zoom will go away as soon as you let go of your MODIFIER button. For example my Zoom View Binding is: Pinkey + JOY_RZ. Good luck.
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