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  1. Historical Skin representing a P-47D-30 of The Turkish Air Force, circa 1948. 180 such P-47Ds were deployed to the 9th, 5th & 8th Air Regiments of the Turkish Airforce through 1948. After reorganization they subsequently equipped the 151st and 152nd squadrons of the 5th AB (Air Base), 181st & 182nd Squadrons of the 8th AB and 191st & 192nd Squadrons of the 9th AB. They were retired between 1952 and 1954. A last minute entry from me this time, I won't admit how close to the deadline I began working on it. I was a bit lost for ideas in light of other wonderful
  2. I'm not asking about the texture file itself, I'm asking about the prefix at the beginning of the line that specifies what component the texture will be applied to. I sadly can't find the correct one to apply a texture to the pilot's helmet/face.
  3. Last minute question, does anyone know the name to put into the descripton.lua to change the headset texture? 'pilot_p47' works for the pilot but 'pilot_p47_headset' (the default texture name) does not work for the headset.
  4. We are in an identical situation it seems, I will also shortly be submitting a Turkish P-47! Let's see who finishes first.
  5. Seems you've beaten me to this scheme, I'll have to start again with something else. You did a fantastic job though, well done!
  6. When zooming out past a certain threshold, the position of the prop on the P-51D will change instantaneously. This is very slight but present on a newly spawned aircraft on the ramp, but very noticeable on an aircraft where the engine has been shut down or where the prop has been broken. I have uploaded a clip of the bug here: https://gfycat.com/admireddeadhellbender Tested in DCS Open Beta. Tested on both D-25-NA and D-30-NA variants. Thanks!
  7. While working on a mission I found that the southernmost of the three bridges in Boulonge cannot be designated with the 'attack map object' command, the AI will release their weapons on other nearby buildings, the other two bridges work correctly. The offending bridge is located precisely at 50°43'5" N 1°36'34" E Attached is a mission file in which 5 spitfires attempt to drop bombs with their 'attack map object' location set to various points along the bridge. You should note that none of them drop on the bridge, but onto the nearest available building instead. It's a small thing but
  8. This would be much appreciated, the modern pilot is a bit of an immersion killer on all but Reflected's skins.
  9. Having the Community A-4 Skyhawk mod installed seems to conflict with the P-47 and cause this issue.
  10. Still experiencing this in Here is a track file in which it occours as others have described. White Noise.trk
  11. This has already been logged as reported by Bignewy.
  12. Hope to have this available soon. It represents a hypothetical F-14A in Royal Navy service in the mid 70s to early 80s and will be available with several different squadrons. I've designed the scheme by referencing a combination of US and Iranian F-14 liveries alsong other Fleet Air Arm liveries of the 70s for a result that's hopefully quite 'authentic'. The omega 892 NAS tail would be a little anachronistic with such an acquisition, but it's so iconic I'll include it anyway. This will be paired with an eventual reskin of the upcoming Forrestal class carrier to represent the cancelled CVA-01
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