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  1. Thanks for the responses both of you...I appreciate it. I guess I’m in for the wait and stay 2.5 for as long as I can. It’s so hard seeing all these YouTube videos and screenshots-DCS is becoming absolutely breathtaking...the jets look almost photorealistic (the terrain is slowwwwllyy coming along too). Guess I’ll re-evaluate things in 6 months to a year and see where we are at. This sim seems to be increasing in settings constantly so might be worth the wait anyways. Thanks again! :)
  2. Hey everyone, having issues running 2.7 on my laptop (HP Envy)...previous version runs great on medium settings but 2.7 is almost unplayable with low fps and Syria I purchased is out of the question-haven’t been able to run it even with low settings..I know I’m not the only one with issues with 2.7 but here’s my question... First off I’m horrible when it comes to computer lingo, not very knowledgeable when it comes to computers...what would be a good computer I could buy out of the box that would run 2.7 on high settings. I’m trying to stay under $3000 (if possible)..eventually I
  3. I think 2.7 looks extremely promising, but not for my computer. I'm also having major issues running 2.7...I am getting very low FPM (no more than 30) on my HP Envy laptop. Before I could run this on medium/high-ish graphic settings and it looked beautiful, now I can hardly play on ultra low graphics settings and have the sim constantly crash on me especially when trying to load into the sim. Hopefully this will be addressed in a later update, but I am worried I may be at the end of the line with my computer being able to run this simulator. I am finding low FPM at low altitude or
  4. Thanks everyone for your replies! I will write a longer response later when I get some time..got a few questions. It’s going on 3 weeks of no DCS and am itching to get a controller *the right controller* so I can get back on :pilotfly: Thanks again!!!
  5. Hey everyone, new to the forum-not so new to DCS! Sorry in advance if this question has been beaten to death..I tried my best to use the search function, but I didn’t really see what I was looking for. Anyways, I was wondering what joystick (HOTAS) you would recommend that’s reliable for DCS? My previous joystick Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS 4 (PS4 Plug in play) failed on me after only two months (aircraft wanted to yaw, uncommanded responses didn’t correct themselves even after recalibration) so I am in the process of researching alternatives to replace it. After researching most joysticks/HOT
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