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  1. It wasn't like this before, that's the problem. If you manage alpha good enough you won't stall even at 90 knots, just lose some altitude. And like I said real Hornet pilots did that, it's no reason to believe you shouldn't fly slow in Hornet.
  2. The problem is it just rings like this in this patch. And like I said, two real hornet pilots fly <150 knots in BFM too.
  3. That is if you want to land (in nav mode and flying with wings level), and should not be when you're STT locking someone with master arm on and gun selected and maneuvering. Especially it wasn't like this in Mover's video I attached above.
  4. I really need you watch the video I posted though, C.W. Lemoine doing dogfight with his F-18 pilot friend in DCS, they both doing 90-150 knots at below 5000 feet and it wasn't ring until it really suppose to. My point is, how could aiming for gunshot at 6500 feet or scissoring against a cat at 4000 feet possibly be dangerous if it really like that in real life.
  5. 7,500 feet and 250 feet per minute!! Seriously you need 30 minutes to reduce your altitude to 0 even if you really descending. And there's no way to turn that off? I remember it wasn't like this last month though. Like this If I read it correctly that's 106 KIAS at 857 feet descending, it show again a few second later below 1000. It only rang when he went below 1000 and almost hit the ground. I suspect the recent update though.
  6. No matter what I did at 150 KIAS at something like 5000-6000 feet, be it Split S or just aiming for gun kill or scissor the landing gear keep ringing and I feel it's very annoying. If this isn't bug I would like to know why it does this, 6000ft above the sea is not really unsafe after all. I tried spin the floor warning to lower than 1000 but it still ringing. This track is from the instant action free flight. LandingGearWarning.trk
  7. I used this mission in that video and didn't change literally anything but I can't reproduce the problem anymore so maybe it's my mistake? I don't know where though. ColdStart.miz
  8. The problem is I did that and it didn't work, I replied to SkaldDKO though. I believe you didn't see my video about this thing yet, https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PZro-XZAqVPAwgk4Q1Fw82Rw_yq_Ke_1 The map appears but HSI shows my aircraft doesn't move despite Unrestricted SATNAV is on. But yeah, I didn't touch DCS for days and try that mission again without any change, it works for now so maybe I messed something up? If that video seems to be right to you guys then I probably break something somewhere.
  9. The year is 2016. I didn't do anything about Unrestricted SATNAV in the mission, it actually works as when I have Unrestricted SATNAV on, the map does appear in HSI but it shows says my aircraft isn't moving. Like this https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PZro-XZAqVPAwgk4Q1Fw82Rw_yq_Ke_1 I attached the tracks which I used autostart, step by step start according to the manual doesn't work anyway so I didn't record it again. USA_F18_INS_works.trk USAFAgdressor_F18_INS_broken.trk
  10. To add more info, Unrestricted SATNAV gives me the map but it doesn't move. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PZro-XZAqVPAwgk4Q1Fw82Rw_yq_Ke_1
  11. Unrestricted SATNAV doesn't work. Or is there anything else I need to do?
  12. Of course I did all that, I waited for a whole 10 minutes as well but nothing appear, compare to when in BLUE or Red side USA the map appears 1 or 2 minutes after INS align. The problem is that it's the same even in my own created missions not only in that particular campaign, if I change the side to blue or put USA to red then it works fine. But if I was in AUSAF then my position never move in HSI which is strange, even if I didn't have any preplanned waypoint. In the same condition the F-16 HSD works fine.
  13. No I did step by step start according to the manual as well, I wrote that in the post though
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