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  1. sort of on topic, I haven't tried it yet, but looking at the list, can harms target ships?
  2. OR! as an alternative (I say this part as a joke, please don't do this ED) to make it really realistic. Have us shut down the aircraft, climb out, and physically dial in the bomb codes before climbing back in and starting the plane back up again. hahaha
  3. right. I just figure, if at some point they're going to try to make them all the same (GBU codes at engine shut down, boresighting t-pods with maverics, ect...) maybe this one they could get ahead of the game!
  4. I'm not necessarily asking to change HOW the codes work. just to change the method in which their codes are changed. Basically I just don't want to have to do a full shut down of the f-16 just to change the code on the GBU to 1686 or something different than the default. That SHOULDN'T (as far as I know) change the other characteristics of the bomb.
  5. I'm not sure how the laser guided rockets work, that's something different. I'm just talking about setting the laser code for the GBU's. I'm not sure why it isn't something we could set in the re-arming screen.
  6. F-16 can NOT be set on the fly any more. With the current itteration, in order to change the laser code to something other than 1688, you have to be on the ground and shut down the engine before the code can be changed. I could be mistaken, but I thought I read somewhere that this is going to be how the other planes will handle the GBU code as well in the future. (in aiming for a more realistic experience, in real life the code is set on the bomb, not by the pilot in the cockpit) The issue is, I don't really want to go through the entire shut down process, arm my F-16 with some gbu'
  7. Sorry if this has been brought up before, I went through a few requests but couldn't find something quite similar. I was wondering if it would be possible (and if others might think it's a good idea) to be able to set the GBU laser code at the re-load screen when selecting your munitions. Since I'm mostly familiar with the F-16 module, that's what most of this is based off of. It's my understanding that in real life the codes are set with a physical dial or some sort of input on the bomb itself, and it's done before the pilot is even in the plane. Currently we have to completely shut the e
  8. I'm trying to set up a simple mission for my friends to join in the fun with me, where it's purely for some basics to teach them to get into the game. I want to have some enemy aircraft flying around that they can go locate, but I don't want them to activate until the players have left a trigger zone that surrounds the airport. (I imagine we'll be sitting on the tarmac for a bit running through the basic in's and out's of the jet and there's no need to risk the aerial targets running out of fuel while that happens) For simplicity's sake, it's only when one of the units from the group leaves
  9. so far my solution to no having a steerpoint near my target is to create one during flight. (if you can get yourself enough time before getting to the target) To do this press "4" on the ICP to bring up STPT on the DED. Toggle up to get to a steerpoint that isn't being used (or you can edit an existing one, but you have plenty of slots, so I always just add a new one) press F10 to get to the map screen. if you look in the upper left part of the screen you'll get a set of coordinates that match where the mouse pointer is. You'll need to get these in a format that's similar to the the F-16
  10. Posting so I can remember to come back and find the answer too. I've been playing around with the mav's a bit since the latest update (early Nov). I've tried a few different configurations, both with multiple mavericks and single mavericks on each pilon. So far I've had no luck getting the ripple fire to work. like the OP said, it seems like the first maverick I have on target, forgets that target once I switch to the other pilon to lock on with the second Maverick. I'm going to keep playing, but so far I haven't had any luck rippling 2 mavericks off. quick edit: just tried it again and ha
  11. I've gotten them to work pretty regularly. Though I HAVE had more luck with the D/G variants over the H/K versions. it's helped to set a waypoint near the target on the DED before engaging, that makes slewing the TPOD to the target much faster.
  12. I CAN get it to sort of work with "unit inside zone" the only issue is then the condition is super long with a long list of all the available units to fly separated by a bunch of "or"'s. (Since the mission is made up of a few different aircraft you can practice with, plus some multiples of them in case more than one person wants to practice with that craft.) then I have to do that multiple times for every additional pilot that might enter the zone. I was just hoping for a more simplified way to achieve this. just like a "player A enters the zone" then "Player B enters the zone" so fo
  13. Just for a follow up of some of the things I've attempted so far: I tried something that said: Trigger: Once - "part of coalition inside Zone - blue" It would increment a specific flag by 1. (in this case Flag 3, incremented by 1) Then have another condition that said "when flag 3 =1, activate a group." The SAM group in this case. Then another rule that said: Trigger: Once - "part of coalition inside Zone - blue": Flag Increase (3, 1) (in theory putting flag 3 to a value of 2) And a trigger that said when flag 3 = 2, Activate another ground group. so forth and s
  14. sorry, couldn't figure out a better title for the thread and it got longer than I anticipated. haha. So here's the basic run down of what I'm trying to accomplish. I've made a mission for myself and my friends to fly around in and do some various "training scenarios" and one of the locations is some ground targets. (Gotta learn how to use those new HARM's on the F-16. ) I've created a couple sets of ground targets that can spawn in a given area given the proper conditions. The idea is, and what I'm having troubles with, is I have a Trigger Zone that, once you've flown into the trigg
  15. cool. thanks for the help everyone. I often forget about the kneeboard. :D
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