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  1. Flying alone is a getting bit boring lately so I was thinking to join av-8b vsquadron (if there is such), preferably in PST zone. Did some scouting online but it seems everyone is on f18/f16 bandwagon nowadays. Any recommendations?
  2. I can't toggle frequency range nor can manually adjust frequency by mouse or bind keys. Only thing that works is that device can be turned on and TF-TG button is working up/down as well. Any ideas?
  3. Hi Glyn, thank you for following up. I am flying F18 for 2 years now so definitely know how to work the radar. I was at tree top level, my radar alt was leveled (40nm, 140 degrees, 4 bars), he was slightly above which should be easy to detect but I still couldn't pick him up. He picked up me though which was lucky as it gave me direction. Forgot to mention that fuel from takeoff to landing was at 7010, technically unlimited :). Also some issues in mission 4 but nothing major. Let's see how it goes moving forward :). Thank you once again!
  4. Looks like I spoke to soon, got two more issues in mission 3. TACAN 10x for tanker didn't work at all. Tried ON-OFF couple of times, tried clearing tacan code and punching again, but no go. I had to fly in circles until I stumbled on it. Radar doesn't work as well. Couldn't pickup the tanker nor I was able to pickup Mig23 after that. RWR worked so at least so I was able to get direction of m23.
  5. Oh that has to be it. First time I fired HARM 20+ miles away and it kicked me out right away. Second time I tried with Maverick first, got one but likely got out of 18nm zone because I wanted to give myself enough space/time to find second target. I'll try again tonight and stay within the zone. Thanks Glyn!
  6. I am in the mission 3, I take out the first SAM and then get "You have failed the mission ... ". 4..3..2..1 countdown follows soon and it kicks me out of the game. Any idea what's going wrong?
  7. I have trouble setting up mission with a two seater plane for two pilots. Sometime it doesn't give me a option to have two pilots, sometimes it gives but when I login to instructor seat I am hanging above the airport. Only time we managed two get into the same plane commands didn't work either on my or pilot side? Any tutorials on how to setup plane for student/instructor mission?
  8. How to enable in flight comms in this campaign? No regulal \ or CTRL+\ nor other ATL, SHIFT combinations work. Any idea?
  9. Whenever I connect to multiplayer I have weird non-responsive radar and NWS issues. First flight usually goes fine no problem, both NWS HI & radar work fine. I can lock targets shoot, undesignate ... all good. By second flight I have total opposite experience. First NSW HI mode starts acting. It shows NWS HI mode but I can't turn at all, plane just goes straight. Rudder pedals in plane start fluttering. If I manage somehow to get in the air my radar can't lock anything no matter what. Radar sees target but that's about it. If I get out of multiplayer and come back everything starts
  10. Thank you Steph21, this is useful info.
  11. I do use IFF but still, it would be nice to see it confirmed.
  12. I was hit by phoenix in multiplayer yesterday from far away. I checked the map couple of times while F14 was chasing me, but missile was not visible. I got RWR warning just couple seconds before the hit and got it straight into my rear :). Today, buddy accidentally locked and launched phoenix on my Mirage while I was wrestling Su27. I got RWR signal from far away, probably 35-40nm. I check the map and saw it coming all the way and was able to outmaneuver it. Why is phoenix sometimes visible on map and sometimes not? Both mission were on the same mp server.
  13. Last couple of days I spent some time in multiplayer and found a single useful tactics that works for me but I am interested to hear how you guys approach it. I realized quickly that going 1v1 against fox3 is not going to work for me as they put me on defensive from get go and from too far away. So now I usually join the party when there are couple more guys around. It seems that once there are fox3 planes on both side nobody gives a damn about m2kc, we are low priority (thank god)! Anyway, I get in high and suuuuuper fast, make a quick kill and blast off towards the base. Not very chivalr
  14. I thought that once target is locked in STT you are supposed to see identification of the target in bottom right corner of radar screen. I never see that, I have to use map to make sure I didn't lock a buddy. Where is target ident displayed or is it at all?
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