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  1. I am running 1080. It's a bummer because my i7 is not a K, therefore my bios is locked and I cannot OC my cpu or ram. Interesting note, tonight after work, I set all AAs and AFs to off. Started dialing them up one at a time and flying vegas strip after every single adjustment. Oddly enough, after 4 hours of doing that, my fps stayed within the 89-104 range consistently. Turning AF from 8x to 16x put me down in the low 70s to low 80s range of FPS, so I left it at 8x because I couldn't tell any visual difference at all. All said and done, my FPS pretty much doubled, even though I ended bac
  2. Just slapped in a RTX 2070 Super (replacing a GTX 1660) and after 3 days of settings adjustments and zero flying, I need y'alls help. On high settings with gtx 1660, in huey, flying down the strip in vegas, it was pulling low 30s FPS. Same settings, with the RTX 2070 super, only gained about 10 FPS, averaging mid 40s in FPS. I've read 1 dcs tutorial here about Nvidia global/program specific settings. After mimicking them, it just doesnt reflect in the FPS results. Do I run DCS with global settings? Do I run it with application settings? After trying both, the results do not change much
  3. This blows. I've given him every order in the book and he wont comply with any of them at any time, EXCEPT the trail formation command, at which point he still fires while behind me (as I'm behind the caravan) and shoots me out the sky. The AI is 100% rogue in this mission for me. I've started the world's apart 2025 campaign last night, and its glitchy AF! Gameplay is great, but water and tree artifacts all over the place (all while running constant 75-93 FPS). It seems all updates have completely abandoned the Huey and its campaigns. I'm a sad dude right now.
  4. Dumb wingman wont stop engaging the caravan, thus exploding the trucks, thus failing the mission. Is this a bug in 2.5 with this campaign? When it happens, its bang bang. As in the radio calls start going out and coming in automatically and next thing I know, all trucks are destroyed and I get the you wasted 45 minutes mission failed message. Thanks for any input on this.
  5. Would it be possible for me to change the deck numbers on the Tarawa to a 3? I served on the Kearsarge from 98-02 and to make this happen would be the f'n bomb for me. Thanks for any and all help. Brian
  6. Many thanks for this. I'll get rocking on it asap.
  7. I've got the viacom plugin with all paid features running with paid version of voice attack, and cannot for the life of me get it to work in the Huey. When I press my PTT, the menu comes on in the top right, but no commands are being recognized. Anyone have a setup tutorial, or key points for me to check? I've downloaded/viewed/executed the setup video from viacom and according to the manual and video, it should be good to go. Thanks in advance for any and all help.
  8. My first issue was screen resolution related. Had to dumb my monitor down to 720p in order for the entire app to be visible. Once Mr Lubos figured that out, he got me up and running very quickly. Still have a few minor things to work out, but this app and the developer are hands down top shelf. Thanks again for all the time and help Mr Lubos!
  9. Having severe issues getting this going on 2.5 stable, windowed mode, 2 monitors, and 2 tablets. As soon as I open .bat as admin, i get the DCS path cannot be found message. Ive ran this from both desktop and c/prog files/dcs world paths and receive the same message. I also cannot find the drag/drop option screen and the menu screen that the error message refers me to. Please help me out getting this going. The server sees and connects to both of my tablets. Thats as far as it will go. Thanks for any and all help. Brian
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