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  1. use simappro for mapping, there are 1:1 profiles in there for the throttle, panels and stick
  2. @St4rgunare you running super sampling? what video card?
  3. Dan, do you have plans for that setup, pretty much exactly what i want to build
  4. do you still have the other single for sale?
  5. Here's my current setup, made the mount from 80/20 alloy extrusions and clamps to the desk with a couple of beezsy clamps. Since the photo was taken i have moved the combat and take off panels closer to the mfd's
  6. no issue with the tdc slew, its in a good position so there is little chance of moving it when pressing down.
  7. i have 6800xt and it works great.
  8. yes they will, the f18 grips are on my orion throttle
  9. you can always add a heavier spring to the Orion base.
  10. Interested in the winwing combat panel and the ufc
  11. The super libra stick has a heavier built gimbal compared to the Orion, its physically quite a bit bigger and heavier.
  12. baloney, the angle is fine, you just have to have the throttle mounted about knee height as it would be in the jet.
  13. try binding with sim app pro shut down
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