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  1. Here's error message and update log: autoupdate_log.txt
  2. It's really nothing fancy: In top row you have 4 airports and reset button. In bottom row you have 3 waypoints, return point and the "RO" button I know nothing about. And yea, in DCS it has magical ability to store all waypoints defined in mission editor.
  3. It would indeed, but I guess it's so low on priority list they're not even thinking about it.
  4. 3d model looks very nice and I'm sure it will be fun to fly, but I will not buy this one. I do not need one more modern blue aircraft. They're just expanding red/blue era gap.
  5. That's not what he said. He was very clear that RWR would not pick up an active amraam.
  6. 2. In that part he was talking about aircraft radar and different mods, not the missile. One more evidence is that the other pilot (which shot down 3 aircraft) did not object, so he probably agrees.
  7. No disrespect, but he shot down two aircraft with that missile launched from elite aircraft which he would able to have access to only if he was very knowledgeable.
  8. This guy at 1:19:50 says AMRAAM radar is not powerful enough to trigger RWR warning. Can you disable that feature as DCS is inconsistent with the testimony?
  9. Nice job! You would never take off unarmed with half tank of fuel in such situation irl. I've tried the mission, it's really easy, just fly with mach 2.5 via route at 50k feet and you will arrive to destination in 10min, uneventful. But, you can try to play the mission several times and try different things. There is mountainous area bellow so you can try to sneak through there very low, but it's not the most optimal solution. You can use ECM in DCS to reduce the range SAM can shoot at you and you can use it to deny TWS shots at high range. Additionally,
  10. Don't go low with eagle ever. It's low speed, low range, low SA situation you do not want to be in. With long shooting platforms like MiG-25 and F-14 you really need to play long game. I do not really play against AI but I would assume they've launched long range and I would start applying defensive solutions at long range. If you supply the mission we can try it.
  11. Have you tried to deflect ailerons into the wind? I do not know about real one and whether FC3 F-15 matches it, but in the game 25kts xwind rollouts are uneventful, except aircraft doesn't want to aerobrake.
  12. I already asked mig-29 pilots. They've said that such aircraft would not be considered airworthy. They even said that aircraft with such flying characteristics wouldn't be accepted by any airforce. They say that real mig-29 is really easy and fun to control, no oscillations, no unexpected moments, it just flies where you point the stick.
  13. I'm in third camp: "I don't really care". I'm just amused with how inconsistently people apply logic to rationalize their wishes. Some of them regularly fly 2007 F-16 on 1980s Caucasus map, park Nimitz class carrier in Black Sea, use unrealistic TDC option for F-18, fly overweight, land overweight, over-stress airframe like every flight, rearm+refuel+repair in 3 minutes, but then cry on forums how attaching X weapon on Y aircraft is unrealistic. :laugh: And really, it's fine, everyone has its own perception what a simulator should do and its own way to use it. There's no right or wrong w
  14. Easily: Is the F-16C we have, supposed to be a 2007 USAF/ANG F-16C Block 50? If yes, should it exist in 1980s realm? If yes, then you disagree with you. :D
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