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  1. The Super Carrier Version Briefing has the Stennis Info. I'm guessing its the same?
  2. If I wanted to swap out the Stennis for a SC is there any script issues?
  3. Thank you, I think the DCS community has gotten used to Companies having multiple different EA products out and years of unfinished products, it’s refreshing and reassuring that you remain focused and understand the importance of finishing the product that you promised us. You have set the Bar not only in quality of product in DCS but your approach and management of your community. Many Thanks and keep up the good work. :thumbup:
  4. I have to admit, I'm also thankful for the Free Trial... I was so tired of ED breaking my heart with Early Access modules. But this A/C is amazing especially in VR
  5. Sorry, Weren’t we fed some garbage about how the F-16 and F-18 were separate teams and do not affect each other... Funny.
  6. Does anybody test these patches before you release them? disappointed but not surprised.
  7. Am I wrong in saying that the textures are being redone at some point? Didn’t the chap doing textures fall ill just before release?
  8. Firstly try beginning a sentence without “this is wrong” I understand that, but Bugs and issues are being ignored and over looked, some bugs have been identified for well over a year now, So this isn’t an issue just about time what I would like is for the Bugs to be acknowledged, as long as they are working on them or plan to then fine. But at the moment some are not even being acknowledged. Happy Flying,
  9. If you notice Razbam ignore this entire thread but they’ll keep pitching the Falkland Map and F-15. This is the problem of early access, this Module isn’t making them as much money anymore and they aren’t seemingly interested in the customers that already paid for it. The new products will generate more cash through early access and it will be the same circle for those, they’re is no incentive to finish a product on dcs sadly.
  10. People Forget about the harrier, It’s not easy either mainly because the probe is behind you.
  11. I think as always, an ace Rio can turn the tide in dcs, and that will probably remain true.
  12. I owned both the F-16 and F-18 so haven't got to experience the trial, I am looking hard at the tomcat coming today/tomorrow. How do I access the free trail? Is it the same process as the Free Weekends? Many Thanks:)
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