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  1. I believe that after the most recent patch you can only have helmet mounted display OR the NVGs. You have to ask the ground crew to swap them. Try that.
  2. I have a GT Omega with Monstertech mounts that I am very happy with.
  3. Having trouble getting V 1.7 to appear on the Supercarrier. This is on a mission on my dedicated server. I have the mod installed on the server and the client. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!
  4. UPDATE: Order 3551 Order 3551 03/11/2020 - Order placed 04/27/2020 - Shipping notice received 05/26/2020 - Order received in PA, USA 05/27/2020 - Controller installed and calibrated in < 30 minutes taking my time EXCELLENT PRODUCT. Should be standard on the TMWH HOTAS! Thanks!
  5. If you look across the bottom of the mission editor screen, there is a button for "show models". Try pressing this. That worked for me.
  6. Same thing happens to me but it is funny because something the carrier group gets angry and launches Harpoons for the next hour and takes out all ships on the map!
  7. How long have they taken to arrive from when you received the shipping notice? Asking for a friend named #3551. :-)
  8. @surrexen - Do you have any plans to modify this mission or create a "copy" to include the Supercarrier when it is released? I would love to have the SC in this mission. Thanks for all of your hard work.
  9. Are there any instruction on giving the AI support aircraft direction on what to do? I am new to multi-player missions. *** I am enjoying playing this mission with friends!
  10. Interested. Please PM Discord link if you have a spot. Thanks.
  11. I am trying to host a Multi-Player mission for my friends to fly. They can join the server/mission and enter a plane. However, when in the plane they can't get the controls to work. The aircraft is set to "client" in the mission editor. Any help would be appreciated. Jim P.
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