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  1. hi I have DEMO too and no file with that name in my PC. It seems that it happend just to you. You can check and date to see when that file was created and compare with DEMO instalation files... But if nobody else having that problem it mean that you catch a virus somewhere else... Try http://www.nod32.com virus scanner to clean your PC
  2. hi It all sounds good but you guys forgot that criminals are always a step ahead... The only way to protect this game is if ED make their own servers for multiplayer and users need unique user name and password. If same user name and password are used more than once at the same time it should be disabled.. All other is wasting of time.. :!:
  3. hi Hello Ice, I saw that too... I tried but imposible.. Only thing that can be is that they are using less fuel 30%... or something else :|
  4. Hi OK because as I see this is not a secret no more... We used this tactic 2-3 months ago against JaBoG32 German squad. In one situation I had 2 JaBoG32 pilots in close formation 10km far from me. They were firing many missiles but all missed and than I fired R77 one on each pilot. They were a "bit lucky" :) and avoided both of them and in dogfight I was unable to fight 2 of them for long... That mach was the best we had in our LomacLeague history and they were the hardest enemy for sure. (currently its 1-1 so I hope next war will be with more adrenaline :-) ) This is not
  5. Hi Its hard to say if high pings cause the problem or server start crashing first and than cause high pings and low FPS... Anyway there must be a way to protect against that, for example server can contain a ping watcher and automatically kick high ping players if that option is selected and report it in debrifing. Also it would be nice if game will check servers ping and than automatically set proper type of connection. It would be more accurate. I think that cause of FPS problems are our computers, they can not handle that much of informations at the moment and it result with sl
  6. hi Hey caretaker That bug with FPS is well known and it wont let you run server for more than 3 hours without restart. I was thinking that just my PC have that problem but than I found out that many people complain about that. This is my configuration: P4 2.66Ghz 1Gb DDR-400 ATI 9600XT WinXP fully updated No other hidden process in memory Please let other beta testers know about this old bug! Thanks in advance!
  7. 1 - FPS slow down after a while and it result with game FREEZING! 2 - SAM systems firing at friendly aircrafts on TakeOff ! These two bugs does not let us make complex missions and use of all available military power. FIX IT PLEASE !
  8. hi All these tactics would work if F15 pilot is stupid and go directly to you even if you fire at him. Good F15 pilot with expirience is hard to beat with SU27! F-POLE would work just if he keep going toward you, if not you would just fire that missile away... I usually let him fire first then I turn oposite and after several seconds turn back, than he would be closer to you but you can fire R27ET and than make another distance from him and all that just to make him fire as much missiles as possible and keep distance from him as much as possible too! When you have more missiles th
  9. hi 1 - F-18 (because of carrier and ground targets support) 2 - Mirage 2000 (make game more intersting for Europe) 3 - Eurofighter or JAS39 (make game more intersting for Europe) 4 - Tornado 5 - F-16 1 - Make clouds like in Microsoft Flight Simulator with ability to set them just over certain area! 2 - Advanced sea (at least as in Pacific Fighters) 3 - Make TWO SITS plane! 4 - Linux dedicated server aplication! 5 - Update feature 6 - Show IP of clients and ability to BAN by IP address! 7 - Revision of reality in close air combat (GUNZO) :roll:
  10. hi Nice idea bro! The last thing would be integrating ground and sea forces into this game! (my dream) Than I move to air defence area :)
  11. hi Linux dedicated server would be nice! :snakeman:
  12. hi I agree with 169th_Moose! They should at least make Linux server aplication for LockOn!
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