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  1. Thx for the info. From my calculation, Block 50's TW ratio with increased 1400 lbs of thrust and 1200 lbs of weight is actually slighter better than Block 30's? Why do ppl claim Block 30 has better TW ration than Block 50?
  2. Thx. But somehow I cannot see it. Also checked his profile page, nothing
  3. Hi BIGNEWY, This might be off the topic but your FPS is really good! And it's in 2.7 with new clouds? WOW! Could you please share your spec?
  4. You should try MP PVP BVR and BFM. Loads of fun. AI are boring to fight against. After a while they become way too predictable.
  5. Block 30 is less draggy? Aren't Block 30 and 50 the same aerodynamically? And I don't think Block 30 is "much lighter". Like Mover said, it's just 1000 lbs lighter. Block 50 also has about 1400 lbs more thrust than Block 30. Or should I say "much more" thrust?
  6. Hi Mover! Unfortunately, turning G effect off still doesn't work. The FM of the DCS F-16 is bugged at the moment. It requires too much AOA to reach certain Gs and it bleeds energy way too much. This is what I read from this topic "A DCS clean F-16C-50 needs 23.3deg AOA to reach 8.5G at mach 0.75, while a loaded real life F-16C-50 needs only 15deg AOA to reach 9G at mach 0.67!" ED confirmed it as well. Basically the Viper is a brick in BFM in the current state. Can't outrate anything... well, maybe an A-10
  7. Personally I prefer to push the buttons to start my jet every time, and yes, F-16 is an easy jet to start. But I don't think people should criticize other players who like to auto start their jet because that is realistic or because DCS is supposed to be a hardcore simulation. Playing DCS is supposed to be fun, and people should feel free to do whatever they like in this game (ooops, sorry I meant SIMULATION hahaha).
  8. This sounds like the HTS pod function. Not sure if it's the same with TGP. Also, by saying SA page, you mean HSD? SA page is for the Hornet.
  9. So this is based on my personal experience in the past few days, not sure if this could work for you, but it's worth a try: Two days ago when I opened DCS and played on some MP servers, I noticed a significant FPS decrease from what I usually get before. In all maps, my FPS ranges from 30-60 fps and was getting some annoying stuttering. It got my attention because I can usually run DCS in MP and get about 70-100 FPS in all maps (1080P, High settings, MSAA x2, Nvidia control panel MFAA on). I have tried all methods but none of them was working. So I decided to clean the
  10. TWS is a bit wonky at the moment. Try using RWS to acquire the target and TMS right long to switch to TWS tracking.
  11. What you said in the first part is incorrect. HARMs do work on stations 4 and 6 in the current open beta. ED hasn't made the decision to take them out. I just fired HARMs from 4 and 6 last night.
  12. Interesting. I didn't know that. I also noticed that changing power when landing moves the FPM in the Viper. Well, lets hope ED gets the FLCS right.
  13. The roll to the left could be the wind
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