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    EDGE 340 Mod

    Is anyone else having a problem playing replays of flights using this mod? Whenever I save a flight (full flight with takeoff, routine and landing) the replay of that flight is completely random and inevitably ends up with an ugly taxiing crash into the crowd of spectators Lol I do not have issues with replays using any other aircraft in DCS
  2. Definitely a blast to fly! Is anyone else experiencing issues saving/playing replays using this mod? I don't have an issue with any other aircraft, but with the Edge 540 when I view a replay, the flight is not what was flown/recorded. Basically, a full flight (takeoff, routine, land) just ends up replaying as a crash during taxi and seems 100% random... Also, is there a tutorial available for this aircraft? I am having issues with bouncing when attempting to land and would love to know the proper procedure(s)
  3. I disagree with this statement. Perhaps the track system is "unreliable" (though I have found it quite accurate actually when flying solo). There are "bugs" all throughout DCS and system "hiccups" are certainly not uncommon. So I don't think any of us would be insisting on 100% perfection if track recorded AI aircraft could be implemented. It would still be 100% better than the options we now have using the mission editor for the purpose of formation/aerobatic flight. I am curious why a few of you actually seem to think it is a poor idea....:doh:
  4. Add me to the list of people who would LOVE to have the ability to fly along with a previously recorded track for formation/demo practice. I do not believe this would be very difficult to implement (since our tracks can already be saved) and would be infinitely better than the option of flying alongside mission editor created AI
  5. Is this MP server currently running? Couldn't find it in the list when I searched this morning.
  6. pszuch

    April Fools!

    Set your system date back to April 1st (April Fools Day)
  7. Sorry I mistyped the folder name. They are in my saved games folder. (C:\user\myname\saved games\DCS\liveries\F-16C_50\ It is working fine for my F-18C skins, but I am apparently doing something wrong with the F-16C skins
  8. I just purchased the F-16C after thoroughly enjoying the F-18 for the past couple of months. For some reason though, I cannot see any of my downloaded liveries in the mission editor when I select the F-16C bl50 (only option is default livery). Any idea what I might be doing wrong? I have the downloaded skins folders in my c:\user\'myname'\DCS\Liveries\F-16C_50 folder. I have not had a similar problem using downloaded skins for the F-18C. Thanks for any help!
  9. In terms of likelihood, I'd say those 2 possibilities you referenced have an extremely low % chance of occurring. But ED does not exactly have a stellar track record of completing work on time or ever. Personally, I think the chance of the F-18C still being in "early access" and reasonably incomplete at years end is very high. Actually, I'm not holding my breath that it ever reaches a state of "completion", since the ED business/financial model seems to be based on constant development of new modules, which are released as payware far before they are ready for prime time. I'm not trying t
  10. It took me a week to learn how to cold start the F-18C, so I am not sure I would gain much insight from a one weekend (or week) trial Lol.
  11. Nothing wrong with going the Track IR (or similar) route, but if you TRULY want to immerse yourself and feel like you are IN the aircraft, I highly recommend a VR headset. Once I started flying with the Oculus Rift S, I could never go back to looking at a 2D screen. VR does require a decent HOTAS setup though, as you cant see your keyboard. But believe me, it is the difference between looking at a cockpit on a screen vs actually sitting "in" the cockpit.
  12. I see manuals in PDF format for the A-10 and F-16 in the downloads/documentation section on this site, but I do not see one for the FA-18C. I know there are plenty of guides on YouTube to get a newbie like me up and running with the Hornet, but I'd still like a printable manual. I am not at my home PC now, so perhaps a manual was downloaded to my PC along with the purchased aircraft.
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