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  1. I see, yes this was the problem. Ty
  2. Yes I entered the six digits first, then waited for the UFC to reset to enter the last 2 digits. But it never reset, just said ERROR. I tried lat first then long and elev, and other combinations. Always getting the same error. I will try this. But why does long work but not the lat if it's not the correct format?
  3. In SP when I go to the MSN page in JDAM display, I try to copy waypoint coords into the UFC. Longitude and elevation work fine, but not latitude. Every attempt to enter lat coords gives an error message on the UFC. latentererror.trk
  4. Still blacking out on launch but some things are fixed. Yellow shirt now tells me to unsweep wings and no more raise launch bar animation. FF and AOA jitters are gone But new lighting is terrible, must hotfix blackout2.trk
  5. You do not engage AB off the block, you wait will midstroke then stage 5 That way you get clean and to 300 in less time and looks cool
  6. I attached track file of cat blackout Also the AOA and fuel flow indicators fluctuate during startup, not sure if intended I too have trouble with Request Startup comms to the carrier, must do it twice before getting a response catblackout.trk
  7. Many problems for me Ground crew comms for Request Launch elicit no response. Taxing behind the JBD and waiting does nothing. No wingfold signal. Only when I continue to taxi over the JBD does the deck crew finally animate. Blackouts on 50% of launches so can't go to AB during the stroke. Please help
  8. Jester is good but can be frustrating. I dont always know what he is doing or what actions are queued Please add small optional text box in upper right that lists his current and pending tasks (ex. searching, targeting, IFFing, changing radio etc)
  9. Cats work for me now but try this: Kneel then hook up to cat ATC clear for launch Throttle up Salute If no launch then: Kneel again (hold 2-4s, don't unkneel) Sport press kneel
  10. Broken cat launch can be fixed by unkneeling nosewheel strut then kneeling again
  11. Yes me too, some ground comms appear broken
  12. Sometimes the tape player stops working after one side is complete, then the switch sides command crashes DCS
  13. Hello I am new, my 9s also won't uncage For now I must use them in BS
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