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  1. I heard VR reduces the graphics. And it is hard to keep that thing on your head for a while. I want TRACKIR 5. Its bomb. Its what all the DCS Squadrons use. VR is for now a gimmick.
  2. Angle of Attack (AoA) So awesome!!!!! https://www.skybrary.aero/index.php/...of_Attack_(AOA) I still dont get it, in combat. I just have a hard time considering angle of attack in combat. I admit, I don't study all this complicated stuff. About (AoA). Not sure if its relavent. In combat. I die all the time in the first mission of the campaign. If I keep playing, I am sure I will progress, but, kinda sucks I have no idea what I am doing.
  3. I was asking the same thing...are you a real fighter pilot? I wonder if, being a real fighter pilot makes DCS super easy. Even in multiplayer. I wonder if they just dominate. Problem is if we are not real fighter pilots and they are, how are we supposed to not die insantly? We cannot take them on. Us lonely gamers. Trying to learn everything about how to fly and use our cockpit effectively. We could never match them. Question is, how many real modern fighter pilots play this simulation/DCS? WellI would not mind going up agains tthe best. It would be honor to fight a real fighter pilot. I would
  4. I wish I was 12, I had a great imagination back then, as I get older it deteriorates. Growing up in the 80's my inspiration and imagination was fun. Now today, being old, I have a hard time designing star fighters and creating worlds. I don't even draw anymore. Once you become an adult life gets really hard really fast. Plus in Terminator Salvation there is some awesome 3D models made in Maya. The A-10C and HK's. Its awesome. How would you not want to do that? Fly an A-10 against and HK? You do realize the best USAF fighter pilots went up againt Artificial Intelligence sentinal Drones...the
  5. WOAH! Notso and Garyscott, your real fighter pilots? Pleasure to meet you. What fighters did you fly? A little off topic, but since your the top elite, how should I approach the first mission in the F/A-18C campiagn I keep getting shot down. Assuming you played it. But if you did, I am sure you rocked. Any advice...anything from you guys would be gold. So cool. I met real fighter pilots! Yay.
  6. Remmeber in Terminator Salvation; the opening scene when A-10's faced off with HK's...I mean this is a real simulation, but this is worthy of a working scenerio..I mean it is Terminator..man versus machines....The HK Drones (SPEC.099987.LX/IMAOPP-D66) It would be bad ass.... Maybe only the A-10C Thunderbolt II expansion would have it. And you face some serious Artificial Intellgence Weapons Systems (AIWS->AMAX-D.GNB.LMX) It needs to be done. And the World is Nuked..as you fly your A-10C (advanced) Thunderbolt II. You see nuclear explosions in the distance. I mean DCS has a game engine that
  7. Well thats not good.....I am working on becoming a professional 3D modeler in Maya and 3D Studio MAX for military aircraft. Its my passion, Eagle Dynamics is my passion. They do what I want to do. Maybe one day all be the guy to make the AH-64D Longbow possible...I would really love to see how ED does it. Its the only company I want to work for. I could model a MFD...but I don't know how to actually C++ code the functionality. When you see the radar doing its thing in A/A or A/G mode....how do you do that? ED knows. How a HUD works...I want to know how to do that. I stare at my F/A-18C HUD
  8. Yeah it kinda flew off the rails...sorry about that. I just want to talk about jet fighters all day. So I get off topic. But still though...nobody in this post as any updates on the AH-64D development...when is it coming out? But yeah...I really like this stuff and love to talk about it. I don't know any of you...but you like what I like..so I am your friend.
  9. This new forumn feels wierd I liked the original. It felt more "Jet Fightery"...this feels like, I dunno Twitter or something. Its actually wierd, I would have said Facebook; (I am not on that) but I tried it once...and man it was ghetto. A billion dollar piece of software and it felt like AOL. Facebook is really cheessy...maybe they upgraded. Don't know don't care.
  10. HAHA....Getting drunk before flying a fighter jet, and smoke a cigarette in the cockpit...I bet that happened in WW2. Can you get a DUI flying an F-16? Apprently you can get a DUI if your drunk riding a horse...but what if the horse is drunk too? Will that horse get charged. All kidding aside, yeah thats interesting. Hmm...Flying the campaign in the F/A-18C is really stressful and that is just a simulation. If some pills help the fighter pilot I am all for it. Especially in combat. My dream was to be a fighter pilot, but playing DCS makes realize how dangerous and insane this profession is. I
  11. I read somewhere there could be a possiblity that fighter pilots take medication. For inhanced performance, more alert, no need to go pee...stuff like that. I wondered if thats true. Or remember the myth that fighter pilots got spinal tapped to check for ACID/LSD use. That was debunked simply because that operation is so expensive. I mean Fighter Pilots are the top 1% of the Elite. But a surgery is dangerous. I guess at some point, maybe in the 1940's era. A fighter pilot did use ACID, if even existed back then. But, appaerently, you can get messed up flying a plane. If you used LSD. I hig
  12. I want the F-14 as well. I would like to dessign the F-4 Phantom II for Eagle Dynamics. I can submit my portfolio to them. They are fully staffed. But I really want to work for the greatest company in the world. I know how to 3D model, the cocpit would be a challenge though. I know C++, but I cannot model those ssytems, I really don't have the programming talent. I am more of a 3D modeler. But I continue to learn programming. Been doing it my whole life, but could not make anything of it. I am not much of an engineer. I study math and everything. Well, can't hurt to know thata stuff even if co
  13. I am commited to the F/A-18C. I Want the F-16 Viper and A-10C but I don't have any money. I was just happy to get the F/A-18C. I Will get them all eventually. But when the AH-64 Longbow Appache comes out..I will get the money for that no matter what.
  14. Ok..got it..going into battle. I watched that Chigago 7 movie on Netflix. Ugg..nobody gets it, the vietnam war was for warfare and combat expeirience. The F-4 Fighter pilots rocked balls. We need the F-4 Phantom II in DCS. The F-4 fighter pilots saw more action then modern day pilots. Thats why the AH-64D Longbow Attack Helicopter pilots are amazing, they saw a lot of combat and rocked the enemies worlds in the middle East....they blew shit away! I would like to see the F-117 Stealth Fighter in DCS...its mystical...it was pain the in the ass for the USAF..it kept falling apart...but its si
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