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  1. A friend and I do a ton of dogfighting together and since the last patch we noticed an increase in lag in mulitplayer. resulting in totally wierd spins along its axis and when firing the nose is not pointing at the enemy aircraft. its sort of 30 - 40° off. Furthermore we did a lock test. from locking a target in the F14 until the F18 registers the lock is like 5secs or more. Or not even able to recieve the lock. most of the time the F18 had to be 45° off or more until the RVR noticed that the lock broke. Notice where the nose is pointing compared to the position of the F16. Screenshot is t
  2. maybe invulnerability turned on as well ? usually if you full pull at that speed the wings would break off. so basically turning on all things to prevent the plane from desintegrating does not proof that the FDE are off.
  3. Extensivly tested yesterday. Feels MUCH better. And overstressing and jamming the flaps works aswell. We are on the right track ;)
  4. the flap drag values feel a ton better now. and yes you can overstress the flaps if your not really careful ;)
  5. "The redesigned flap jamming and drag model will be in the next patch, it will give you plenty of buffer over Vfe before things start to break, but I'm sure it will catch a lot of people off guard who like to abuse the flaps." great news looking forward to it ! Dalan any fighter pilot will try to avoid dogfighting at any costs, but if it is inevitable dogfighting is mainly flying geometrics and liftvectors. And at last it will end doing circles at treetop height.
  6. I see the entire discussion as a professional Pilot, not fighters but commercial airliners. And the entire drag discussion is about enhancing the product we have got at our hands. HB has done an outstanding job with the F14 and I am positive that we all agree on that, but if there are certain bugs or problems that are too obvious to be ignored I think they have to be named straight forward. such obvious things should be mentioned by some QA ppl who try out the builds before they get into any update cycle preventing us users from fiddling around whats wrong. Typical Pilot phrase when so
  7. Special thanks for draconus..... Pointing to the Patch notes doesnt solve the issue. The drag values which are currently in place seem way off from an aerodynamic point of view. At the end its suppose to be a Simulation and not Ace Combat. If a Pilot does not check his speed with flaps extended, than its his problem how to solve them beeing stucked or ripped of the wing. But not even able to get in a situation like this with the f14 seems unrealistic.
  8. Somehow since the last patch the drag coefficient of the flaps seems way to high. 30° nose down, flaps fully extended, with full burner you never even get close to 300kts. something seems and feels wrong in that direction. For Example a Dash8-402 with full flaps and full power will bust the flap speed limit and thats in straight level flight. The F14 doesnt while having a way better thrust to weight ratio.... Results from the high drag: Airspeed pickup is really low while transitioning from flaps extended to up. Sometimes your in a tight turn, release pressure from the stick and it
  9. Is there any way to change that ? Using 2 8" Displays for the export and the font on the left and right mfds are pretty thick and hard to read. F16 is totally fine. best regards
  10. Hey hope someone can help me finding what I am doing wrong. Thats my current setup: Monitor 1 and 2 run at 2560 x 1440; 3 and 4 at 800 x 600 The Plan is to have DCS only running on Monitor 1 while exporting the MFDs to Monitor 3 and 4. Monitor 2 will not be used at all. And its not making a difference if I force it off in windows or not. The Lua file looks like this: But once selected under the graphics section of DCS, the Screen gets some sort of warped and I cannot access freeflight, multiplayer etc. nor change any settings because the accept button is out of reach an
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