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  1. @joey45 to my knowledge I don’t think so, but I could be wrong
  2. The QE, that’ll be nice with the F-35 mod when the F-35B gets released
  3. luckliy once i updated it fixed it, ill let you know if it happens again, if you dont mind what ship are you doing next?
  4. Last I heard Heatblur will be adding Hook skip physics to the F-14 some time in the future, also I have missed wires multiple times when landing the F-14 especially learning Case 1, and even more so trying Case 3 I messed up, took me for attempts to catch the wire on my first Case 3, you don’t get the wire every time in the tomcat unless you’re experienced or you aren’t doing it correctly yet found a way to trap every time. Regardless Hook skip is being worked on from Heatblur last I heard, and it still takes practice to trap on the carrier.
  5. @Admiral189 any word on Duncan? Also love the work keep it up it’s definitely good to see more ships like these entering DCS, on a side note how hard would it be to make the models more high poly?
  6. Last night I noticed my integrity check was bad, it said HMS illustrious rail.something (can’t remember off the top of my head) note that I haven’t updated the HMS illustrious and Invincible to the latest version I think I’m like 1 or 2 versions behind, I’ll update and let you know if I’m still having issues
  7. Where did you find the F4
  8. I would love to see Qatar, Saudi Arabia, North part of Iranian Coast (North of Lavan), and the Iraqi Coast. I would love to see the Persian gulf map stay the same size but “Fill out” to the rest of the current map, I don’t want the map to get larger but the areas seen in ME/F10 that aren’t modeled I would like to see modeled.
  9. I do think this will be cool addition the infantry need a revamp in animations, and marshalers would be a awesome addition to DCS would give large airports more life, and tugs would also be a cool addition
  10. Well it looks like someone else is already doing it, [(edit) wait I read that wrong I do agree the Type 45 will fit in good]
  11. will you be adding liveries to the ship like with the arleigh bruke, ticondroga, and Oliver Hazzard Perry class ships, so we can have effectivley all Type 45 ships in DCS ive been itchting to see british ships like HMS Duncan so i can add them as seprate patrols or add them alongisde my american carrier task force
  12. im hoping to see your lua get put into the main file for this mod, i also hope this mode ends up on the user files section
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