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  1. love this... looks amazing and makes my desk pit look like a toy lol Gunslinger im having some resolution issues with the rotary encoders on my leobodnar boards. I need to turn the "pots" 4-5 full times to get one full rotation in DCS. any tricks to match the pots rotation to DCS 'Actual' hope that makes sense. J
  2. Topic moved from Thrustmaster forum..... thought this area was probably be more suited. Hey all. Just wanted to post my current 3d project on here.... its a bit of work in progress but thought I would share. I will be posting the std files on Thingiverse once i’ve ironed out all the prototype issues..... rear instrument panel sized for Ipad pro 11.7 center screen sized for iphone max button controllers are LeoBodnar BBI-64s in button box and Micro-BBI in throttle also designed a afterburner finger lift
  3. these look amazing... well done. I'm tracking a few complete 3D printer builds on thingiverse at the moment too. some clever peeps out there...... https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4407778 https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4655002
  4. Hreich Spacedesk is another duet option that allows muliple ios device, its a bit laggy on wifi but with the ipad linked to PC on a lightning cable and the phone on wifi its great.. obviously need to use in conjuction with Helios https://spacedesk.net/
  5. you could set up an ipad to display your kneeboard and use the map on that.... not exactly what your asking but im not clever enough to programm something like that.
  6. WAS MEEEE Helios F-16 based on the Captian Zeen profiles Old Ver.......before the helios change to automaticaly arranging the multiscreens Unclear how to export these to share, so i've backed up my image folder for the F-16 in case you have any issues with missing textures. most of these however are either default Helios images or from the CaptZeen f-16 profile images. v1 - first attempt with ICP and smaller MFD's Realised very quickly that the ICP was far better in game than on a second screen, MFD were too small. V2 - streamlined ver, s
  7. I went F-16, i have both modules but i dont have the time to put into the F-18 at the moment so the F-16 is perfect as i can enjoy DCS, get a very good grounding in the basic flight and systems and then learn the more in depth systems when ED roll them out on the F-16. Also F-18 cockpit to me is a clutter....F-16 is just perfect
  8. Sounds like im not confirming coords or alt........ . I’ll try tonight thx Yep. Works fine Thx frederf.
  9. Hi guys, this is probably just me but i cant seem to get STRG SEL A/P to work on a Cold startup. INS is all aligned (wait the 9min till its flashing RDY) changed to NAV mode then after takeof STRG A/P mode doesn't work ? Im just using the cold quickstart options to practice my startups so all steerpoints are in by default. seems to work fine on warm starts or Air Starts...Auto sequencing too!! What am I doing wrong during startup? Thanks in advance. Edit: Just noted the Distance to steerpoint on the EHSI has a red score through it ??
  10. Aerobraking does not reduce the landing distance, in fact it lengthens it. The reason for aerobreaking is to reduce the total amount of energy that the wheel brakes needs to absorb. Excessive braking causes overheating and brake failure. This is called "hot break". If you use the brakes at 140 knots, you will need twice as much energy absorption than you would brake at 100 knots. By the way, landing does not feel right. It is hard to control once the nose gets a bit drifted. Even the differential braking has little help My brake is mapped to a hotas button.......dont have peddles...... so
  11. My ground physics seem fine tbh....taxi, takeoffs are fine...F-16 does seem a bit light on crosswinds with rudder required (how can you tell the crosswind speed prior to landing?) , other than that it feels great. You get used to the “tipping” and SLOWDOWN. Im beginning to think my landing issues on the original post may have been something to do with the Syria mission i was running. Seems fine on other map missions. Just wish the landing gear was modelled a bit better for bad “heavy” landings. <—— ED add to wishlist :thumbup:
  12. Very rarely crash on landings.... roll on last update? now my main undercarrage just vanishes like im landing in a swap???? anyone having this issue?
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