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  1. Now with Bricks Age out table. PRF table coming soon
  2. Flying at 16K feet, level, antenna elevation centered (or almost). Data says it's slightly down Test Findings 1. 1 bar is bugged. TDC at any distance always shows zero difference between top and bottom number. (15/15 etc) 2. Bar height at 5 miles is always 10 degrees 3. Bar height for 2 bar gets smaller 10-160 nm, 5.5-3.5 degrees. Use it, but realize this. 4. Bar height for 4 and 6 bar at 10-160 nm is 5 degrees. Conclusion Use 4 and 6 bar, 10 - 160 nm for most consistent radar performance. Data Bar height = ATAN(H/RANGE)/BARS 2BAR RANGE TDC_TOP TDC_BOT +H -H B
  3. Made this while learning the F18 radar. Thought it might help somebody out. Couple of good points: 1. If you have a Warthog HOTAS throttle, mapping TDC L/R/U/D/DEPRESS to the middle finger mouse works well. Give it a dead zone and some curvature for better control 2. Mapping radar elevation to up/down on the throttle index finger 4 way switch works MUCH better than having it on the HOTAS index finger mouse. WAY better control. I can actually make desired steps to radar elevation. Throttle middle finger mouse was giving me random elevations whenever I touched it. FF
  4. SUCCESS! It was a dumb mistake on my part. IP address for PC in tablet was 192.168.1..85 (facepalm) LOVE THIS APP!!!!
  5. pet333r: From my DCS log file: 2020-04-17 18:43:10.034 ERROR Lua::Config: Call error LuaExportStart:[string "C:\Users\Darrin\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts\pw-dev_script\Export.lua"]:48: attempt to call field 'LuaExportStart' (a nil value) stack traceback: [C]: in function 'LuaExportStart' [string "C:\Users\Darrin\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts\pw-dev_script\Export.lua"]:48: in function <[string "C:\Users\Darrin\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts\pw-dev_script\Export.lua"]:33>. Any ideas?
  6. Brilliant app. I'm using with the F18 for UFC export to a tablet. Almost got it working. App displays data from F18 UFC on the tablet, buttons move on tablet but App does not send button presses to DCS. On Win10. Added UDP and TDP incoming rules ports 5160 Turned off Windows Defender No luck Have the export call before DCS-SRS in Scripts\Export.lua Log, export and config attached ? Export.lua Config.lua dcs.zip
  7. Finally got a LUA setup file to work properly. Here's my mission map. BaHahahahahahah! Each SAM site has an SA-15 and SA-18 MANPADS squad as point defense. Setup code is simple, by NATO class. MANPADs are ignored. I also have the status output problem. Stays on by default. I can turn them off in the \ F10 menu but its a PITA. Any ideas? My setup LUA is below. Mission files attached. do redIADS = SkynetIADS:create('IRAN') redIADS:addEarlyWarningRadarsByPrefix('EW') redIADS:addSAMSitesByPrefix('SAM') -- Set up command center commandCenter = StaticObject.getByName('COMMAND-1'
  8. Tried another demo mission today. SAMs and point defense still not enabling when I set to go live in percent of search or kill range. Saw you made updates today. Will give that a try.
  9. Got it working. Needed to use DCS template for SA-6 battery. Building out the mission now. I'd like to see a way in debug to report sites in search or track, instead of just "active". Is that do-able within the DCS API?
  10. Saw the same behavior today. Mission files here https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4272133&postcount=106
  11. Hey, could not find an answer to this: Testing SkyNet with SA-6 battery and SA-15 point defense. The SA-6 missiles are exploding shortly after launch. Any ideas? Mission file and setup lua attached. SkyNet Test.zip
  12. I tried switching to openbeta in DCS. Did not fix the problem. DCS won't start. I get the message "Failed to request product key from Steam, please try again in a few minutes." Problem started I bought F/A-18 and A-10C on sale today. Any solution to unbricking DCS? ????
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