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  1. Hi all, Just got pinged about the updates to Bactria. Go ahead and send it and release it to everyone. When I get some time (which is few and far between) I'll update the 1st page to reflect the release. Thanks for all the enthusiasm. Habu
  2. Habu, regarding Operation Bactria, if I create a new flight, lets say a Hornet flight off of the Super Carrier, will the aircraft trigger the random missions by simply intercepting the trigger zones set by you, or is that specific only to the flights you created?

  3. Hello all, Just to be clear to everyone, the video was very positively received by ED and I was given the opportunity to describe each point in my summary slide in good detail with key members. All bugs, and then a few that I forgot to address in the slide and video, have been noted. I'm really happy to see how DCS: A-10C II turns out with these improvements, let alone the new stuff. For full disclosure, I've brought up the following additional items: -IFF Panel default switch settings at startup -Fuel Flows Override additional thrust -Gun Dispersion -Default MFD setups -Default
  4. The AGM-65 as it exists in DCS: A-10C v1 does indeed need some work: steady vs. pointing cross, HOTAS switchology to employ, and lock on range. Habu
  5. Thank you all for your feedback! Also I had a snip it about the IFF panel that I forgot to add in the video, but what he is saying above ^^^^ I endorse as well. Habu
  6. Hi Nineline, Here are the following issues I see with DCS: A-10C v1: Hopefully this all helps. Habu/Force
  7. Hello all, I am editing this post to reflect that my below feedback and video was positively received and the ED team told me that they are confident they know the source of the airspeed bleed off and G availability issues seen in DCS A-10 v1. All of the issues below are being addressed, and with that, all of the things that I think can be improved with DCS: A-10C II. Thank you for listening and thank you all for your support! Requested improvements: Additional issues noted not covered above or in video: -IFF Panel default Switches -Fuel Flows Override additi
  8. In my opinion as an actual pilot of this jet, this is the single most important issue facing ED's simulation of the A-10 in DCS. Based on testing and comparison to "feel" which I can speak for personally, the issue is primarily 1) G available and 2) airspeed bleed off when AoA is applied to the jet, specifically during a 4G safe escape maneuver in the horizontal (TLT) or vertical (CLM). As it stands right now, the current A-10 will frag itself in every iteration of a low altitude Mk-82AIR PO1 delivery due to insufficient turning ability. When I talk about "feel" of the jet, this is one
  9. @zinhawk, I fly the jet and have posted in some of the threads that mention that the jet is underpowered. Generally, when comparing engine gauge readouts between DCS and IRL, the only thing I have noticed is DCS fan gaugues are a few percentage points lower but the airspeed matched real life within reason. THE BIGGEST PROBLEM seems to be drag on the jet, especially during turns. This is why energy is bleeding off so fast and maneuvers like the turn level turn safe escape are literally impossible to do in the sim. I have been told it has affected missile behavior for some time as well
  10. From experience it takes roughly 0 degree Celsius performance in game to get 20 degree Celsius IRL turn and fan performance. No hard data on that but based on my parameters a few pages ago in this thread it might be worth toying around with the temperature. Maybe the density altitude model is the culprit? Habu
  11. Good tests and I like how you are approaching the topic. Keep in mind that the A-10 only operates in the way you are describing during BFM when the defender and attacker are in a spiral dive to the floor and both at steady tone but they are excellent data points. What kind of stores did you use to increase gross weight? I want you to focus on G available at 300 knots (planned release speed for levels and 10 LAHD deliveries). Regardless of configuration you should have no problem holding 4-5 G's with steady tone happening in the high 4's at the end of the maneuver. If you do this at hig
  12. Yeah, to be clear you should adjust the seat and view until you just barely see the top of the uppermost HUD frame. From this view, the two nuts on this frame forward and aft should line up with each other so they are essentially stacked on top of each other. Habu
  13. This is an important discussion and I've noticed for a while that the A-10 could receive a bit of help in this area. Seat height is very important for A-10 pilots because that is how we keep our visual references for 20, 30, and 45 degree diving deliveries. IRL every pilot will set a 51 mil reference so that the target will be on the rail prior to roll in will achieve a 45 degree dive angle. For 45/30/20 Guns as well as 30/20 bombs there are other references that I can explain later. The best way to set this reference is to make it so the two nuts on the right side of the HUD effectively bisec
  14. Thanks Nineline, I'd like to second that. It looks like people are able to get closer values for G available when the jet is clean. Could you also inquire about the GAU-8 dispersion as well? I know there are extremely passionate people in the sim community as a whole and I'm sure I stand with A10Yoda that we are here just to make things better and we love what we have. Thats why I made Bactria and why I'm working on a sequel. Please feel free to PM me with any specific questions you have, I know I have a few small inputs like current maverick slewing and lock logic, fuel flow override switches
  15. I've taken to the forums to discuss some issues I have seen with the A-10, and as a driver of the jet wanted to clarify the rated accuracy of the GAU-8. 80% of rounds should land within 5 mils, and 100% of rounds should land within 13 mils. This video does a great job showing how this improved/modded mil dispersion appears in DCS. If it is as simple as modifying a text file, it would be nice if the developers could make this a permanent fix for future patches. Habu
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