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  1. Same here, still crashing on the second mission, doesn't matter via SHF+R or picking another mission, same plane or not.
  2. I have the same problem. Restart a mission from the mission editor or a quick mission via SHF+R or even from the main menu ... CTD. No mods, fresh driver install after uninstalled via guru in safe mode and slowly repair. Still the same...
  3. Hi all, maybe a damn stupid question... Me and a friend were flying a mission he created. Before 2.7 all went well. When 2.7 came out, he was still working on that mission - is going bigger and bigger - and saved it again. Now we got no mission points anymore, alot of targets destroyed and landed safely. Do you guys have an idea what that could be? Both of us don't have any mods installed. It is not a big deal, but would be good to know. Thank you very much Buhli
  4. Hi razo, thank you very much! Seems i'm getting old - didn't noticed that point. Cheers Buhli
  5. Hi guys, If i hit a target, for example a ship, there is no message anymore how many percent are destroid. The same happens if i destroi tanks or cars, no message about destroid vehicles. Is there a way to fix that, or is it just a setting? Cheers Buhli
  6. I replaced mine too, very easy to do and it works great now. Maybe the calibration tool on its own could help you, not sure. Buhli
  7. I guessed the same, but it is direct plugged to the PC.
  8. Hello, i'm new to the forum here an i hope, i'm not disturbing you. HOTAS Warthog with the latest TARGET software and firmware My problem: I can bind the keys direct in the game, but if i load a profile with the TARGET software, the whole input crashes after the first input. so i can't do anything, Very frustrating, i had no issius under Windows 7. Not sure how it should be shown in game, i have the stick and the thottle separately under controlls. The energy settings for the USB HUBs are NOT controlled by Windows. Both controllers are pluged into an USB-2 Port. Does anyone h
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