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  1. Treker

    In-cockpit noise

    In audio options, check option "Hear like in Helmet". If you have this checked, noise is softer. I prefer it I have too much noise at work Or try this mod: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3310690/
  2. Always do manual start. It just feels good to finally know the procedure of each plane. Started with F-86 then Mirage... next A-10c
  3. Love your work. After discovering this mod, can't fly standard anymore
  4. This is what I did...once I knew their location I went low, into valleys. After they flyby "jumped" out behind them, used one magic and cannon for the last one. I took me 3 replays
  5. Logitech X52 throttle (ehm... 12years old i think, still going strong) Thrustmaster Warthog base and stick
  6. Tried it again, no luck. Stil A-10c, no L39s Also in this mission when taxing to runway, flight leader talks about old planes being reactivated or something similar, but on the right there is F117 parked in hangar
  7. Just did it. 33 files needed to be downloaded According to steam, total size downloaded was 42,4 KB. Will report tomorrow if problem is fixed. Thank you @Ramsay
  8. Playing bundled campaign and love it. But I have a few " issues" with it. I'm on the latest stable steam version. This, issues first appeared in traitor mission, when they fled in L-39. Well, I shot down A-10c (was tagged as enemy - red color) and completed mission 100% (tried three times...). Then last night in mission 10. Planes should be L-39 (as I reported back) but they are actually A-10c again... Is there something wrong with my DCS installation?
  9. Thank you for your reply. I already made a few button boxes (sim racing) but used mjoy controllers. This will be my first venture into Arduino based controllers. Wish me luck :)
  10. Absolutely stunning work matbog. :thumbup: I'm in process of making buttonbox for Mirage and was wandering if would be possible to get wiring (component list?) and DCS bios files for: alarm light panel, autopilot and PCA. It would save me a lot of time. :helpsmilie:
  11. Treker

    Members age?

    46, fell in love with sims on ZX spectrum. Gunship and Flight simulator :pilotfly:
  12. :poster_ban: Just happened the same to me... For 10 minutes I sweated hard.. even started DCS to see if game would log in. Then log out and log in..happy again. Had to drink some beer afterwards to calm down :beer:
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