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  1. @pet333r really love your app and features for Mirage, my favorite plane. Any plans to implement radios?
  2. All hyped to try again. Got message "Mission newer than editor" . Oh well, will wait for stable 2.7
  3. @Avalanche110 That is shame... I didn't check reply afterwards... Will install Tacview and send you acmi file. That will be next week I think. I use DCS 2.5 latest stable version. Regarding your questions: 1. yes, few moments after I start rolling I hear "Pontiac 1-1 rolling". 2. yes, for both kills I get "Uzi your dead" message... after second kill, instructor reply "Knock it off", 3. yes, he rejoins and before I bank left/right for landing he gives me "stripped" message. Didn't know that "stripped" means braking formation 4. no, only message I get
  4. @Avalanche110 Did another run (also to test Warthog my new slew upgrade ) did all as before... on my way back I even returned to engagement coordinates, just to be sure.... result again stripped. Don't look pass that message... dog came in and ... anyway don't watch :)) Here is the link to the track... https://we.tl/t-KqNibUbjd8
  5. Finally upgrade came. Easy install as advertised It really amazes me, why Thrustmaster choose that stick Thank you Damien. PS if anyone from Slovenia reads this. Held at custom office for more than a week and they charged not only VAT but also inspection fee.. WTF.
  6. Thank you for reply. Will fly again probably tomorrow and upload the track. One more question before I fly... Perhaps I was to casual reading the briefing before, bur I noticed this today Where do I land? Nellis AFB or Tonopah Airfield? Tacan 77x direct me to Tonopah test range airfield.
  7. @Avalanche110 I'm so glad I found this campaign. I fly mostly Mirage and there are only a few campaigns for this bird. I'm stuck on first mission I do full alignment, taxi to runway behind humwee and take of in direction of coordinates given. At engagement area I give "ready for engagement" message and destroy first plane, then return to rally point for second. Won that fight and on my way to Nellis AFB I get message "Stripped" from instructor. After landing and parking (can't find anywhere what my designated parking place is) I get 40 points and campaign failure. What
  8. Unreal... love it! I'm afraid to ask about the costs though
  9. oh, I didn't knew that... I asked around (locally) and no one corrected me . Next project will include use of dcs bios, so they will be used
  10. Hi all, I love flying Mirage and so I decided to make button box based on my favorite plane. Base controller is Leo Bodnar's BBI-32 button box, for back light i used Arduino nano with WS2812B led pixel strip cut to lenght. First I tried different materials (acrylic, plexyglass plate) Best results I've got with plexyglass with 60% transparency. With lights Now it is time to start drawing, deciding what to put on BBox. First mock-up Then I got Thrustmaster warthog throttle and got plenty new buttons
  11. Hi Damien, If I understand right, you sell item with VAT. So when I import it to Slovenia, I'll have to pay additional import tax?
  12. I tried couple of so called "gaming chairs", at first they all feel comfortable. Not so after couple of hours. So I bought I-trek from Ergovision (Slovenian company) and never been happier. No more back pain And it is build like a tank! https://www.ergovision.si/pisarniski-stoli-ergovision-itrek-03/
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