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  1. 2nd mission crash fixed here. Thank you guys, from another s/w developer
  2. Spanish version here and crashing like there's no tomorrow (I mean, second mission crash) Found if I make one mission with one plane, then another with another plane, I can repeat missions with same plane with no crash more times than not, but I suppose it's one dice roll solution more, like the others...
  3. Hi there. Same on me, crashing when I load same mission for second time. It's happening to me since the first 2.7 update. I haven't written here because I always thought my crashes are similar to the others, but this time I'm gonna attach my log, just in case. Fresh install of windows just a month ago. Pagefile of 32768 on each drive (tried just only one with same results). dcs.20210520-194625.log
  4. I've had two warthog bases and none was detected on windows without the grip connected... I don't know if that's the case, but there's a chance that the wires that goes through the gimball get pinched by the gimbal itself, start showing strange behaviours when moving the stick and ended getting cutted and not detected on windows. Happened to me some time ago but it didn't ruined the pcb. If you are used to dissasemble things, it's easy to see just unscrewing the base ps2 connector and disconnecting the pcb din connector and getting the wire running through the hole pulling from the
  5. Great campaign, just finished. I've enjoyed even the night refuelling Good news about the next one. I'll be there Thank you.
  6. Museum Relic gives you the chance to pass to the next mission on the first minutes using F10 if you are stucked. Hunters over the Yalu is my next one
  7. Order 4756 received. Easy install and conf. What a change! Thank you.
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