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  1. Chaff and flare setup does weird things following the most recent patch. Changing the number of flares or chaff to be released, or altering number of repetitions or timing, can give random results. Ex. Reduce 1 chaff, and the number might change to 99, 18, etc. Try to lower repeat time from 1:00 second to 0.25 seconds and it might jump to 5:00 seconds.
  2. Unless I am doing something wrong, the Un/Cage command still won't un/cage the AGM-65F. Am I missing something, or is this a long running problem?
  3. The bug that makes it impossible to change the flights' waypoints and tasking was recognized back in January, 2021. It's still showing up now in April. Any news on when this will be addressed?
  4. Updating on this old topic: So my TPR pedals took a long time to get here. They were out of stock, but Amazon honored their pricing error and eventually got them to me as soon as they were in stock again. I think they had listed them at the wholesale price. Anyway, I am really glad I got them. Nothing lasts forever and tech always marches on, so I figure if they last 3 to 5 years, they were well worth it. They seem solid so I suspect they will last much longer. Plus, I am gentle on equipment. I've never broken even a cheap HOTAS and my old X52 still works great, though I updated last ye
  5. Thank you for getting back, Bignewy. I was logged in but there must have been some kind of browser glitch. I closed the browser and restarted it and the option to purchase worked that time.
  6. Is this campaign not actually released yet? I was trying to buy it a moment ago, but the site says I need both the Viper and Nevada map, both of which I have. It won't give an option to purchase.
  7. In mission 7, my wingman vanishes moments after take off. Can't find even on the map. I have flown this mission four times, trying to figure out if I am doing something wrong. Is this a bug or something I'm doing wrong? Any known fix?
  8. Hey folks, I was contemplating getting the Gladiator NXT, but I read some reviews about the buttons not being very durable. Anyone here having problems with buttons failing?
  9. Thanks for all the opinions. I live in Canada, which has a terrible exchange rate. I love Virpil and Crosswind, but at 150% exchange on the Euro, plus shipping, plus sales tax and import fees, they would end up costing as much as the TM TPR. The VKB Mk IV looks very interesting, and I've heard a lot about its durability and accuracy, but to pull it off I'd have to get a Gladiator or Virpil stick for the brake axis, and I am very fond of my Warthog stick which works so well with the A10C. In the end, I decided to go with the TM TPR as I was able to catch it on a sale which, when combined wit
  10. I've been seriously using DCS about 14 months now and never had this happen.
  11. I am about to order a better set of rudder pedals and was wondering what your opinions are. I am debating between the Thrustmaster TPR, the VKB T-Rudder Mk IV and the Virpil ACE-Flight. If you like the VKB, what do you think of the virtual toe brakes? How does that work?
  12. <RESOLVED. Latest patch slightly changed the way the Warthog throttle ENG OPER switches work. They must now be in the MIDDLE position.> I've been using the A10C for about 6 months, and the A10C-II since release day. Today, I can't get the APU to spin up to 100% for anything. The APU gets power up to 60% then its heat goes into the red and the power drops. Never had this problem before. Only thing different is DCS loaded an update this morning. Even the auto-start sequence leads to the same problem. I can't figure out if this is a bug. Anyone have any thoughts?
  13. ILS switch is reversed. Off is on. On is off. Clicking and dragging the volume knob does not turn up the volume.
  14. I am experiencing random failures in all modes of autopilot. No idea why. If I quit a mission and restart, go through the startup sequence in the exact same way, sometimes it works, sometimes not. Never had this happen with the original A10C. Anyone know if there is a fix? I tried to attach a track of the bug, but it's 30 megs and the DCS site says I can't upload files larger than 5 megs.
  15. I forgot to mention, random failures was the first thing I checked. Not enabled. I still can't figure out what caused it. Will the A10C-II blow an engine if you keep it at full throttle? The Harrier can do that.
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