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  1. Serial #: 01400 Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
  2. Throttle work is key in the Viper and tough to get right but that is the name of this beast :). For one that has not flown F-16 in sims for a long time, and got used to the F-18/F-5/A-10 power delivery, man, it takes some time to come back. If I should get my callsign today, it would be yo-yo ;)
  3. My attempt :). Rctrl-enter will show my control inputs. tough takeoff.trk tough takeoff.trk
  4. Tried it. You have a heavy cross/tail wind 036 at 12 m/s.Your takeoff is 310. That is quite a lot for a heavy F-16. Rudder has effect after 80 knots or so. I did manage to get airborne but had to severely trim the bird to the left to maintain level flight. Some sources say max crosswind is 25 knots, you had 24 knots from side and tail side. You are on the limit of what the bird can do :).
  5. Also some fine tuning of rudder pedals might be a thing to look at.. For dcs crew: Is tire to ground modelled ? Maybe something to tweak :)
  6. I find that operating the systems are very different. The F-16 hotas logic makes more sense to me, than the hornet. To me it seems the A-10C is more towards the F-16 than the F-18. I'm a little bit biased, as i've flown the F-16 online since year 2000.
  7. Found this vid on their hud systems. Looks really cool and along the lines of the new a-10 mod. [YOUTUBE]phbZintCgVA[/YOUTUBE]
  8. macedk

    Small question

    Hi all :) Have some RDAF skins but the numbers on the tail is US. Is this because skins were made before the template ? Thanks :)
  9. All this talk and nobody noticed how narrow the F-16 landing gear is ? A clean F-16 is a dart with the weight of a feather compare to its weight :) From a real manual as an example on how light the plane might be :) "Avoid heavy braking below 20 knots at light GW's. Heavy braking during these conditions may cause both MLG WOW switches to momentarily go to the air position, which causes the anti�skid system to deactivate the toe brakes. The WOW switches return to the ground position after 1�1.5 sec� onds, restoring braking capability. If heavy braking resumes, the cycle may
  10. Big congrats to ACE (Sung Ho. :pilotfly:
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