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  1. Hello everyone, I am working along side another individual for a monthly operation in our DCS community and we are having some issues. For starters we are trying to have music playing in the background. We have it set to where a trigger activates a radio transmission which works fine for FC3 aircraft, however HiFi aircraft cant hear it even if they are turned into the right frequency. Also, on that we are trying to get the music to change when another trigger is activated however that doesn't seem to work, or at least we cant figure it out. Would placing another "radio transmission" action on that particular trigger close out the currently playing radio transmission and start playing the new one, or would they overlap each other? We aren't using sound to coalition as that's being used for voice overs. Now we are also having an issue where random things are changing themselves. A few examples: -Aircraft liveries, even though set are changing on their own. Meanwhile both mission developers have the same files so that's not the issue. -Sound to coalition, even though set to Blue, stopped playing all together. -Apaches, set to hover around an area using advanced way points at 800 feet randomly spawned at 12,000 feet. (Yes, I swear to god it happened and it defies logic) Every time we do any changes to the mission, before passing it along we always save as a new version, for this mission in general we are on version 20. Could the issue be that we are constantly passing it back and forth? I'm not sure as to why that would cause issues but it wouldn't surprise me. We are trying to get these issues resolved as we launch the mission next Friday. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I dont know what any of that means. Being said, I cant give that information as I wouldnt know. I'm more or less trying to figure out how to fix this issue. If both devices need to be configured, how do I go about doing that?
  3. Hello, So I recently moved to an apartment where the internet is included in the rent. I had zero issues hosting servers at my old apartment where I had both a modem and a router provided by the ISP. Here the modem is built into the wall however I am using the same router as I was prior. Same network name and password. All ports are open. Nothing on the PC has changed. DCS is allowed through the firewall and through my anti-virus. What gives? Any ideas, or suggestions on how to fix this? Rather not have to pay for a dedicated server to host practices for my team.
  4. It seems that the tail gunner on the Tu-22M does not engage if you are flying behind it. I tried advanced way point options but couldn't get it to work. The Tu-95 and Tu-142 have no issues engaging but the Backfire does not. Any ideas on that one?
  5. So not a single person here knows where this file is? Almost 100 views and no answers.
  6. Hello, I am looking for the pilot texture file to edit the knee-board inside the Su-33 when the pilot graphic is turned on. I cant seem to find it anywhere. If someone could point me in the right direction and in regards to what needs to be added to lua files or anything I would appreciate it.
  7. The Strigon Team is composed of a few pilots who have a love for the Su-33 Flanker D. We currently have three pilots and are recruiting. If you are interested in joining reach out to us on our instagram page at strigon_virtualsquadon. We primarily fly the Su-33 but have recently added the TF-51D into our fleet for laughs. We may add additional aircraft later on while emphasizing on the Su-33. We do PvE as well as PvP as far as combat and we also do aerobatics. Right now we are recruiting pilots of all skill levels. We do have a few rules as far as the recruitment process goes. Those are the following: Age Requirements are 18+ Su-33, Discord and a Microphone are required Be able to make 2-3 practices weekly If any of this interests you, please feel free to reach out.
  8. Whats going on guys, I released a small series of DCS videos awhile back but I dont think I posted them on the most important forum of all. Anyway I usually record every time I play DCS just for the fact that some rather interesting things happen. Anyway, heres the first few episodes. As I create and release more content I'll be sure to update this thread, so dont forget to check back everyone once in a while. :thumbup: Episode One : Episode Two : Episode Three : Episode Four :
  9. This was a teaser I had made for a aerobatic team I was part of. I had the honor of flying as the slot pilot for a few months. I was also in charge of the videos that were made. Unfortunately the team folded a few weeks ago after the flight lead disbanded it. I never actually released this video until now. I put way to much effort into it to let it go unseen by the community. This just goes to show the grace of formation flying. Enjoy.
  10. A short film working with the P-51D. It's a story of a couple who flew P-51s with each other. The guy just leaves one day but doesn't say why. Turns out he flew off to fight in the war. So overwhelmed with his ability to shoot down anyone who faced him he made the most fatal error of all.
  11. Severum

    Stupid AI

    This dude gets himself knocked the heck out via Huey. Not sure why he thought that would have been a good idea. :doh:
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wEeOI5PJ2E This is the stream from a few nights ago. A couple of friends preordered the F-86F module for DCS World. I took to the skies in my F-15C to join them. Stream link is at the bottom of the description. Please feel free to check it out. I plan on streaming more videos as time goes on. Don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe. Yes, it is long. But some of the moments are pretty funny. Not to mention theres a part where I dogfight a Sabre with only one engine.
  13. Max size is 10000. I'm talking about something like this.
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