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  1. Hey guys, I'm new to this bird and looking for good content to play to get familiar with it. I was gonna try the deployment campaign but it seems pretty buggy and needs an overhaul. So I wondered if you guys could recommend a nice immersive campaign or mission with good voice overs etc. I have all the maps so thats not a factor. Thanks!
  2. In mission 12 I dont get any datalink information. I have my D/L set to On, my IFF set to On, Mids A+B turned on, SURV to on in SA page, NCTR to on in Radar. What could I be missing? Thx :)
  3. Looks really nice. Cant wait to try it :) Nitpick: Wish it would use the Syria Map
  4. BBC just released an extensive sound library. Maybe ED can take some inspiration from there? :) For example this: Supermarine Spitfire, exterior, start, run up, misfire, rev up, tickover, taxi away. http://bbcsfx.acropolis.org.uk/assets/07017163.wav
  5. ^ This I cant wait to get an in depth simulation of this awesome aircraft.
  6. MrExplosion

    A8 to F8

    Just a couple of questions: Did you buy the A8 thinking you would get the F8/G8 and the more advanced version of the A8 with EN? Did you feel when buying the A8 that getting F8/G8 was part of the deal? Do you think development & bugfixing on the A8 has been abandoned because it sold badly? Does ED hold the risk of business or do you? Do you get money back if the module you bought sold way better than expected? Do you think it's fair that the development of the module just get's dropped way before it's done without giving out any info?
  7. Best decision! Will we be able to edit campaign progress? I'm in mission 8 right now and it would be nice if I could somehow transfer the progress instead of starting over. EDIT: nm I see this is alrdy possible by editing logbook.lua
  8. Okay, that might be it - will try. Thank you!
  9. Same with the guided bombs training mission.... :(
  10. Hey all, I am playing the training missions to get familiar with the bird. When playing the Maverick training for example the coach tells me to select waypoint 3, since the target is located there. When I now select waypoint 3 it will be selected very shortly (for like 0.1 seconds) until it automatically jumps to the next waypoint (4 in this case). Then I press steer down to get to waypoint 3 and it will select waypoint 2. And so on. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help!
  11. MrExplosion

    A8 to F8

    Its not WW2 in general, it's a personal thing between ED and the A8. Look at the P47 f.e. that just received its variants...
  12. MrExplosion

    A8 to F8

    Truth is: ED hates the A8 and is not gonna invest another minute into its development.
  13. I recently aquired good literature on the topic of Axis radar and radio technology, so if you have any specific questions, feel free to ask.
  14. Imo most interesting in Normandy is the Tausendfüssler which had a Klein-Heidelberg passive radar site. Im not sure about the exact dates of operation and since the Allies only learned about the technology way after the invasion it would be nice to have it enter the game along with a working Chain Home Radar. When looking at your list Dietrich I noticed that "Biene"-Station lists a Gemse and Brutus-Y lists EGON. Gemse is a part of EGON so not sure how to make sense of that.
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