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  1. What an uneducated and uncalled for comment.
  2. 100% agree. It seems to me like the fish stinks from the head. Is there a list of Nick's favourite warbirds, so we can estimate what the future of DCS WW2 will hold?
  3. There are other servers that were made specifically so you could fly warbirds in MP without the need for a map or the asset pack. SoW pays great attention to atmosphere & detail and would not work without WW2 assets.
  4. True. But is the information on the store page relevant for the product that you deliver? Because I bought the A8 in early access and I am still waiting for alot of the apraised features to be delivered in a proper manner. I am talking mainly radio and weapon systems and post June 44 versions.
  5. Bonjour, tu devrais essayer de réchauffer le moteur avant taxi. C'est assez pour 5 minutes.
  6. This article nicely sums up the tests done by Rechlin and FW and the later modifications or changes to the model: https://www.spruemaster.com/wp-content/gallery/manual/FW190A8.pdf But it is like you said. The F8 got C3 injection or higher manifold pressure, but only for Bodenladebetrieb up to altitudes of 1000m. The A8 got the higher manifold pressure without C3 but for Boden- & Höhenlader so for all altitudes. The changes to mass production were done in July 44 and the already operational older A8 were modified in the field.
  7. ... and this is the 262 thread and part of the reason a new poll was proposed by NineLine was to find out if enough people are interested in the 262 aaaand the 262 is not in your poll. Sooo.... ;)
  8. That poll is void, since the situation changed after the majority of votes had been cast.
  9. Just a single mission, but maybe you want to try it: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3309460/
  10. There were multiple variants of the A8, hence the title of the thread.
  11. Yes, I noticed some mistakes as well. The translators apparently didnt know about correct radio brevity or even military structure in Luftwaffe (mixing up Schwarm & Staffel for instance). Still a nice campaign tho.
  12. It is officially out of EA... the icon showing EA is just one more bug
  13. Test it on Caucasus. It should work there at least for a few airfields. Unfortunately it doesnt seem possible to make it work on the WW2 maps.
  14. We only need a few more modules, a proper late 44/early 45 map and some more assets (like working radar) to call this theatre more or less complete. Pls consider putting your energy into getting this finished before putting considerable effort into a new SEA theatre. Also, pls consider providing the community with a roadmap to reach this goal (aka a list of features to be completed in chronological order until said goal is reached). I think most of the WW2 community would appreciate something like this. Thanks.
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