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  1. 3-monitor angle correction option I second this request for a 3-monitor 'corrected FOV' option in DCS. With this option, angled side monitors will have the correct, accurate viewing FOV with very good detail when flying. Please consider adding this option. Steve
  2. I agree. While my screens FOV was corrected with little displacement, it obviously has problems on other aircraft. DCS will have to make internal changes and offer new Options for it to work correctly (like in X-Plane 11). Thanks for your input. Steve
  3. 3-monitor graphics settings I posted my graphics settings in the files below: https://imgur.com/EJz8cYv https://imgur.com/gxwDE9K FPS rates range 40 -50. Note my computer specs at bottom of this post. Steve
  4. I figured out a way to correct for angled monitor viewing. It has a couple of drawbacks, but does improve accuracy. http://i.imgur.com/AHRg4pT.png
  5. My problem was a bit different. Clicking on other screens did not restore either side monitor to show DCS at all. After editing the '3screen.lua' file using Notepad++, the main monitor would show the whole DCS screen but shrunken 1/3 normal width. The buttons would work to go into Options menu. When Options was selected, only the middle 1/3 of that screen was displayed, leaving the rest hidden. So, some menu items on the left and right could not be seen to use, including the 'OK' button. When I made changes to the DCS Options screen resolution , aspect ratio, or number of monitor
  6. Thanks so much for your help. I loaded DCS Beta, input the total resolution width for all screens, and selected 3-screens option in DCS Beta. It then correctly displayed the wide-screen image across all 3 monitors. I'm very happy with that for now. I believe I may have corrupted one or more .lua files when I was editing in the regular DCS program. Once the screen was down to 1/3 width, there was no way to see or use the "OK' button to accept my changes to DCS Option menu items. Also, no matter how I edited .lua files, I could NOT get DCS to display a full size menu view again. I ha
  7. https://imgur.com/i3lvoEP An example of the narrow screen problem, selected during 'Free Flight' in this case. All DCS System Screens are narrow, showing only partial menu items and no 'OK' checkbox to save any changes. Steve
  8. Even more info: 1. Changed screen display positions: Left = 3, Center = 2, Right = 1 (no affect on problem) 2. When opening '3Screens.lua' default file using Notepad++, it shows all the values I input. But if I open that file in regular Notepad, my values do NOT appear. Only the default formulas show!? 3. The DCS SYSTEM OPTIONS are set to: Resolution = 2560 x 1440, Aspect Ratio = 1.77778, Monitors = 3 screens 4. I tried changing DCS SYSTEM OPTIONS back to 1 screen with wide image, but the now narrowed 1/3 screen hides the checkbox to OK any changes. So, I'm stuck. 5.
  9. Additional info: My display positions in WIN 10 show the following: Left Monitor = 2 Center Monitor = 3 Right Monitor = 1 The mouse moves seamlessly across all screens starting from LEFT to RIGHT and/or RIGHT to LEFT. Steve
  10. I just tried a 3-camera setup .lua and got the same original problem back--only one monitor displays DCS and its image is a strip 1/3 screen wide. I edited the default '3Screens.lua' file as follows: _ = function(p) return p; end; name = _('3 Screen'); Description = 'Configuration with 3 identical monitors each with its own camera' Viewports = { Left = { x = 0; y = 0; width = 2560; height = 1440; viewDx = -1; viewDy = 0; aspect = 1.77778; }, Center = { x = 2560;
  11. Thanks for this info. I will make the corrections noted. Steve
  12. 3-camera setup Thanks for your suggestion to use a 3-camera multi-monitor setup. I used this setup in X-Plane-11 and it does give a more realistic viewing result. I just needed a 3-monitor setup that would work short term so I could finish setting up controls etc. in DCS. If anyone has a .lua example for 3-camera 3-monitor setup, I would love to have it! An example showing FOV with bezel correction would be very helpful. Otherwise, I may have enough .lua DCS info now to try it myself. Love your DCS screen shots! How did you create the screen shots? Did you use 'Insert Image' i
  13. 3-Monitor problem - SOLVED I was able to fix the problem of only one monitor of three displaying partial view of DCS. 1. C:Users\<name>\saved games\DCS\config\options.lua 2. Edit 'options.lua' file using free NotePad++ software. Settings: 'Width' = 7680 'Height' = 1440 'Aspect ratio' = 5.333 3. C: program files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Config\MonitorSetup\1Camera.lua Settings: 'Width' = 7680 'Height' = 1440 'Aspect' = 5.333 4. Start DCS: OPTION - CONTROLS
  14. Hi Group, I'm a new DCS user trying to setup 3 monitors. My system has been running fine with 3 monitors using X-plane 11 for 6 months. I decided to add DCS to my 3-monitor system. After installing DCS and adding an F18 and Nevada terrain, it ran fine using standard defaults on the single FULL SCREEN setting. My monitors are all the same ASUS 27" 1440 x 2560 res. at 50 degree angles--all 3 screens total 7680 x 1440 res. I then decided to setup the 3-screen option. After reviewing a 'how to' video online and reading some related posts on this forum, I made the following changes to D
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