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  1. Thank You All Good to see veterens like GGTharos still around. Hope same is true for Alfa and the FlankerHeads :-D She is an artist who studies philosophy....so its the idea or conception of the ball n chain not the ball n chain itself that manifests. Its been good. Wish i could say the same for my flying career online. Gotta fix that. So is hyperlobby still the place to be or have things moved along since then?
  2. Warm Regards and many felicitaions to the ED team, Wags et al. Black Shark has been released and judging from the forum is doing well. The last time i was up here was 2 or 3 years ago and flaming cliffs had just been released. I had managed to get a copy from the UK as ED has no distribution plans where i live. I got married soon thereafter and never managed to upgrade my comp since. :-( Seeing the whole DCS thing taking off is exciting and i am very much looking forward to it. To the serious Flight Sim Enthusiast, what ED is doing is miraculous, sensational add whatever superlatives u wi
  3. "Because ED's situation is complex and dynamic. And this post is cryptic and vague." ROFL!!!!
  4. i used to play on line, then in quick succession i got married, lost my comp and rejoined the medical profession. pretty much put paid to my flying days. can u believe i got a copy of flaming cliffs lying here un-opened since the day i got it!!! RL can be hell.
  5. oh man! been away for a while....but never expected so much change. i remember when the ATC mod first began modestly enuff....but wow! awesome work zillion!!
  6. thanks Thomp! the thread is being updated with more so keep an eye on it... and spread the word :)
  7. the awacs/ewr/sam biz is what im interested in as well. real good idea GG! galevsky's post has me drooling at the prospects :twisted: oh and if anyone hasn't read CWB1968's awesome post on ubi.forums yet..here is the the link : http://forums.ubi.com/eve/ubb.x?q=Y&a=tpc&s=400102&f=38610606&m=7131049562&p=1
  8. if u dont mind me asking... would these high quality skins and cockpits cause a fps hit on low end machines ?
  9. i usually the method described above in online servers (in the S77th ..... and 169th when my ping is good enuff :wink: ) i do believe this is an online bug only. so this works i can go as high as i want once ive cleared the immediate area around the home airfield. i think the reason MiG pilots r running out of fuel is because they leave their ABs on all the time. no need to stay low all the time thats just me
  10. which is ok GGTharos as long as u r still working on world peace :wink:
  11. i havent been shot down by the SAM when taking off for the first time for quite a while now. i fly the mig and usually fly very low (under 50m if i can manage rarely above 100m) unless i am engaging someone. :twisted: so on takeoff i dont pull up to high alt. but stay low the upshot of this is that i seem to be exiting the sam killzone without drawing a missile. i cant reason why else i havent been shot by the FF bug for so long. others can test this and see if it works for them. i would be interested in finding out if this true or if i am just lucky. and why do mig pilots take
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