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  1. Our chaps over at VFA-89 bolters realised that you have to have wheel brakes and all units need to move a couple of foot to then all deck crew to play nicely. Maybe this is the problem?
  2. Another here to report this problem. Especially annoying on MP servers!
  3. Is that the same with MAVS too? Bloody annoying!
  4. Anyone know any advanced features with Opentrack? My issue is that when I centre things in my normal seating position, I am sat too far backwards in the cockpit... I want to sort of be able to set a default starting Z distance relative to the data coming from the headset if that makes sense... At the moment my only workaround is to lean way back, centre, so that when I sit in normal position I am in the right place. Oh and no zooming doesn't work primarily because this does not change your FOV with regards to the HUD, so if you are missing extremes, it is not the same as moving forward...
  5. Definitely doesn't make a difference under long press... Not sure what is going on but it definitely refuses to come back when I need it!
  6. Even if that means going quicker than 300knts?
  7. Hi folks so I often activate the HMD on powering up the f18, and once set up and satisfied I will usually use the above function to blank the display... So most of the time I can un-blank by pressing this button again, but as sods law states, when I need it to unblank, it won't and remains non operational. I know the switch is dual purpose in real life so is this something to do with SOI or similar?
  8. I don't know what is wrong with your ability to handle long lists ED but if I leave multiplayer screen too long it just gets slower and slower until I am unable to do anything! It is kind of pathetic considering this is just a text screen! I know a LOT of other folks have performance issues here and there must be a way to sort this out!
  9. Nope! My DCS is a bit broken as I seem to have a few issues...
  10. Ah I just realised it just takes a loooooong time to populate everything. I am leaving it to see if things improve. I wonder if this is processor related as that is a bottleneck in my system. This only highlights the issue that we need some way of limiting the server population system IMO that we can save. So for instance only starred servers come up, then we can search for specific servers or untick 'starred' (for example) for the full list.
  11. This is my internet. About to try no virus but I would be surprised... [URL=https://www.speedtest.net/result/10724117725][IMG]https://www.speedtest.net/result/10724117725.png[/IMG][/URL]
  12. It is the main selection menu that is slow as hell. It use to settle down in a few minutes but it has never been so bad as it is now! Almost unusable. There should be an option that stops it populating until you start a search. Or being able to save the filters etc...
  13. Folks was there not an F104 mod for DCS? To all the haters. Just sod off lol... It was a beautiful plane designed by a true master. Pilots loved the aircraft (including German pilots!) but also respected it and realised it WOULD bite you if miss-treated. Hope to see one fly one day but the only reason they are so hard to keep airborne these days is not down to the aircrafts complexity or reliability but the aging ejector seats losing their certificates
  14. So this is something I noticed most of all in the multiplayer menu, which use to sort itself out after a few minutes but does. However, it is also quite noticeable in the armament menu too! Basically it is like the screen update slows right down, in the case of the MP menu to once every 2 seconds. I move the mouse, and I will be lucky if I can see where the new location is. Same with the drop down menus in the arm and refuel menu within the game, but things are a lot quicker there... Still frustrating to see the menu take a while to populate and then selecting the weapon. Game p
  15. Folks how come this mod doesn't work for me? Edited the file, in admin, and reopened to make sure it saved. Still get FLOLS
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