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  1. Current version: I had the second mission load crash, the random crash and all of that for days. After a week or so of DCS, I have had NO issues what so ever. I did not do any messing around with my ../Saved Games/DCS , delteing folders, cleanup/repairs or anything else, it just started working. Not to mention, it loads a lot faster now. So, hat's off to the dev's, DCS is once again very stable for me anyway. And, the 2.7 update, the clouds and fog and all of that, very nice... my God man... Thanks again ---
  2. That helped. The gang on the discord also said the same. Thanks. I would strongly suggest you join thier discord, they help out directly. I don't have the link, just look it up. ---
  3. I just installed 6.7, and never used this Herc' mod before. When I taxi at slow speeds the AC wants to steer to the left. Checked all controls and they are neutral/centered. Apply power from a stop and taxi, veere to the left and hard to control on ground. In flight I saw no issue. NWS and all seems to work ok, just wont stay centered on track... on the ground anyway. ---
  4. Thought I would share... I thought I had just the second mission load crash. Well, without doing any updates, or any changes to the files for the first time I got a CTDT with no warning when loading a MP mission (same one I usualy load with no issues). Still on Don't know anymore. I always re-start DCS to run another mission, now this. Damn... ---
  5. The lights are there, you can see them form in front of the aircraft as your moving along. It appears to be just a near or far clipping setting that needs changeing? I used to do some terrain modeling myself for simulation back in the day, I'm sure the tools and methods are quite different now. That you can see the lights coming in just in the front as you fly, might be an easy fix? Can't see the runways at night until you get very close, useless for VFR at night. i sure hope they can fix it, my first and favorite map. Thanks ---
  6. Since upgrade from 2.6.x beta to 2.7.6430 beta, 2 and a half minutes to get to main menu... ---
  7. When I enter Multiplayer from the main DCS menu, the Multiplayer menu 'server search' is forever slow. Even if I filter to 'North America' it takes forever to update (no spinning 'wheel' at the top). And if I do see a server I want to join while it's updating the server list and click on it, it takes a long time to highlight that server so I may join. If I leave the server selection on 'ALL' it never completes and just stall out. Had no issues with it in 2.6.x. BTW: I have a 200Mb internet service over hard line. ---
  8. Same here. I just installed a newer TM driver for adding the Cougar MFD's, I thought that was it. Tore my hair out. Yep, finally disabled the above in settings and all is good. It's definitely a BUG from the 2.7.x update. I had it turned on in 2.6.x and no issues. ---
  9. Yesterday page file setting got mine working, for a day. Today, back to same 2nd mission crashing. ---
  10. [ UPDATE 05.26.21 ] Second mission load crash has solidly returned after setting page file size. It worked for a while. Gang, Got mine working, for now anyway. Trying just about all fixes here, a complete DCS cleanup, waiting 10 seconds to exit missions and all of that. Well today it was crashing SOLID on a second mission start, did not matter if it was Instant Action SP or Multiplayer MP, it would crash on that second time loading a mission. A day ago, the crash was intermittent, now its solid and repeatable today anyway. Then I seen setting the
  11. Thanks so much, that did it... and I owe you a beer. Still learning DCS directory and file structures, even after a year I'm still learning. When I wrote code we tried to keep it tidy. DCS has not done too bad a job at it, especially with all the updates over the years. NOTE: I renamed the ../Saved Games/DCS/MissionEditor/UnitPayloads/FA-18C.lua -> FA-18C.lua.orig. I then copied my most recent backup FA-18C.lua there. I tested DCS and at first it would not show my loadouts. I checked again and of course even brought up the files in Notepad++ to review. So, I deleted the FA-
  12. I had to do a re-install 2.7.x trying to fix the "second mission crash" issue I have been battling, along with many others. I wanted to restore my saved load-outs to my system. Can't find the load-out file(s), even thought this is the first time I've tried to restore them. Older threads had information on them, but I can assume here even experienced people are saying they are now removed? I guess I have to pull up mission editor and start all over again? If you folks find them, or can point to a way to restore previous versions I'd appreciate it. Thanks. ---
  13. [ 05.25.21 : EDIT ] I increased my page file to 32,678, re-booted, re-checked the page file setting in advance system properties and behold, no more crashes. Ran 6 SP Instant Action (IA) and 6 Multiplayer (MP) missions in a row, and not one crash. DCS loads quicker also. Before that, it would crash the second time on every mission load. Worked for me, at least for now. System spec's are in my signature. --- Read through the post, wow! So... here's my input for today anyway. After 2 days of intermittent lockups and crashes running a mission, SP or MP here is
  14. QUIT FILLING UP THIS SERIOUS ISSUE WITH THIS BULLCRAP post like this! Common guy's... seriously! I don't have time to scroll though all this BS!. Grow the heck up and contribute something useful. Thank you! Great scott...
  15. Received my order No. 5014 in central Florida US a while back. Just now getting some time to install. Looks like a nice kit. I will re-post edit when I get done. Thanks very much. Cheers... ---
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