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  1. Cheers, maybe. I've been thinking about discontinuing it. I've been hosting missions for the Flying Kiwis for about a year and it's worked well. I think we average around 15 pilots a session. But beyond that there hasn't been a lot of interest / I'm not great at advertising. The average bill I'm getting from Amazon atm is about $60/month, which isn't too bad compared against renting a physical server 24x7 (and the Flying Kiwis have graciously passed the hat around, so I'm out of pocket less than this). But if I we're my own customer I think it would be closer to $20/month ... 4 wee
  2. https://ready-room.net/ is my hobby project. Upload a mission and have it run in AWS Sydney or AWS N Virginia for ~0.50US / hr.
  3. Based on experience disks have been the bottle neck rather than cpu or memory, so I would consider upgrading to an SSD. Perhaps 16GB of memory according to the specs, but usually when I check the memory the server is using it sticks to around 8G / it won't use surplus memory anyway. Otherwise I think the best advice is to just run with what you have, and peer into task manager to see what resource you're running short on.
  4. I have the same issue on AWS. The best approach I could come up with was to have some gui automation to essentially type this in when starting DCS.
  5. Yes please. Like bswift I've had some success with windows gui automation, but would much prefer a command line interface.
  6. Just to expand on 316HornetBall's response, I've recently put together a guide to running DCS on AWS https://ready-room.net/blog/2020-12-01-host-a-dcs-server-in-aws/
  7. No worries. I prefer the simplicity of a single timer, but here it is DCS_Stopwatch_with_os_time.zip
  8. DCS_Stopwatch.zip This one just has the one timer. Based off of srs's overlay.
  9. Bit of a long shot, but If cpu and memory are ok, it might be worth taking a look at disk performance. I run my missions these days in the cloud, and early on when I used network storage I noticed pauses that we're correlated with spikes in disk activity. Throwing ram at the problem didn't help, the server seems to continue to access the disks irrespective of how much ram there is (I tried 128gb). I resolved by switching to local ssd storage instead of the network storage.
  10. Hi Folks, Please share how you measure your server's performance. The best approach I have atm is to graph the network traffic over time and look for gaps. Ideally I would prefer a direct objective measure that I could query from the server e.g. server frames. Maybe its already in the WebGui? I don't know. Anyway I would very much appreciate your insight. Cheers.
  11. You're welcome to try my hourly service hosted from aws Frankfurt https://ready-room.net
  12. Yes, you can contact me at https://discord.gg/hURRqGP
  13. No worries, I'm not the best communicator. Yes, I suppose it is a server hosting deal. Its intended for hosting a specific mission for a few hours at a time though rather than something that is always running. This is because I'm in turn using aws ec2 for the hosting at on demand pricing. If you did need a 24x7 server, I'd recommend not using ready-room.net since you can get better pricing direct from Amazon if you can commit to a 1 to 3 year period (and you wouldn't need the automation of ready-room.net since you would only set it up once). Each time a mission is run, its on a separate
  14. Hi Folks, I'd like to share my project https://ready-room.net You can upload a mission file and have it run in a local Amazon datacenter. I've been running missions this way for the last few months to reduce the average ping for my local squadron. Being able to just run for a few hours at a time rather than 24x7, its inexpensive. Cheers, Noisy
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