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  1. Guys, when slewing your TGP around the ground, how do you make it stick to one location/target without the camera moving off it as you continue to fly? Example: Today I am flying towards a cluster of buildings in a town. I have my TGP slewing the town looking for targets. However I can't stick my TGP on any specific building as the plane is continuing to fly so the TGP keeps moving off the spot where I put the TGP to look for stuff. So it's not giving me any time to look at a location or target as before I can even zoom in, the TGP has moved off that spot due to the plane flying. Thin
  2. Guys, currently playing with Stable version. Problem is can't play the new Syria map or Raven One Campaign as the stable version is not up to date with any new modules/terrains/campaigns. So thinking of deleting DCS off my machine and re-downloading the Beta version. Question is... will all my previous purchases/modules still be there? Secondly, is the Beta version full of bugs or is it decent? Appears the stable version is so far behind? Any thoughts.
  3. I am following EXACTLY the correct way to set up and drop JDAMS (I think) yet each and every time I drop one, it misses target by several feet. Steps include choosing JDAM and letting timer align properly, choose TOO as my mode, select instant fuse, double check everything in JDAM page. I then use my TPOD to select target (always a building), wait to get "In Range" using both my HSI and the HUD, drop JDAM and watch it hit beside the building I just targeted??? Driving me nuts as I don't know what I am missing? I also am making sure that my TPOD is correctly put on the target. What in the
  4. Ever since the new stable update, I am finding that when using the TPOD in the F18 Hornet, any time I cage/uncage the TPOD to boresight, instead of it centering at the top of my screen (out front of the plane), it is caging at the bottom of screen (or behind the plane). And to properly target anything I have to use the TDC to move the cursor all the way up the screen just to get it front of me or at best underneath the plane. Only starting happening after I updated to the new stable version. Am I missing something or did something change? TPOD is now brutal to use when it does not cage pro
  5. Hey guys, new F18 Hornet owner and looking for help. Twice now during a free flight I have lost my canopy mid flight. Literally blows off and yet I didn't touch any button. Happened on take off once I got off the ground and again during a bombing run/dive. On the take off, only thing I touched as I climbed was the ALT switch as I put it down to RDR. On the dive while bombing, only thing I touched was the pickle button to fire a rocket.... and it blew off again. Not sure if this is a glitch or if I am missing something in start up? Anyone have this or have any idea why?
  6. Have you actually downloaded the modules yet? You always have to log into play DCS (click desktop icon), you have to log in from there. Go to module manager in top left corner of main DCS screen and from there you have to actually download the modules you bought. Once downloaded, each time you log into DCS, they will be there ready to play. Not sure what you mean by offline mode?
  7. When starting engines you need to hold buttons down until engine starts. Example: Right ALT + HOME, push both buttons and hold them until engine fires. If you just push and release, engines won't go. This happened to me and was driving me nuts. HOLD them down!!!
  8. Hey guys, totally confused and could use some help. I currently run the stable version and want to download the beta as well. If I download the beta, will it simply download a 2nd version on my PC and give me a 2nd desktop icon allowing me to choose between the stable and beta versions? Currently my stable version takes up 140GB of space on my PC. If I download the beta, will it require an additional 140GB of space on top of the stable version? Meaning does it take up double the space on my PC? Lastly, if I am in the middle of a campaign in stable version, can I use the beta version
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