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  1. Didn't see this until now, sorry. Apparently the specific version of the harrier being modelled no longer uses API rounds in favor of APKWS instead. That being said, when Elmo asked the SME about them he said that it's only a belt change. 25mm API isn't in use anymore but if there happened to be a belt laying around then it could be used in the gunpod right out the box with no additional changes. I agree we would have the ability to use both, hopefully RAZBAM will implement this.
  2. Hello All, The Harrier when rearmed/refueled currently resets the state of multiple parts of the aircraft including the Master Arm switch, Targeting pod cooling for FLIR, Maverick cooling (even if it was in a ready state on the aircraft already), as well as the laser code, and ECM switch state. I believe this is incorrect behavior on an aircraft capable of hot pit rearming and refueling as referenced in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFL6-y7vYhI Also attached is a track displaying this behavior. when landing on a short approach. Please be mindful I a
  3. Agreed! Knowing what I'm flying isn't that big of a deal but whenever I try to fly a sneaky backdoor mission people will see where I've spawned and intentionally spawn in front of me because they know I'm coming. It's very frustrating.
  4. As requested for the newest update, I retested the gunpod on the harrier once again and came to worse results than before. Previously the SAPHEI-T would kill the Paladin (the only unit killable by the gunpod in my lineup) from any angle. This update it has done no damage whatsoever to the Paladin. Whatever was changed this last update has made SAPHEI-T even more ineffective against light, medium, and heavy armor than it already was. Attached is the updated track file, I made 2 passes at the paladin just to make sure I hit it and that it did no damage. Harrier SAPHEI-T Gunpod Test2.trk
  5. Hello, This post is outlining the issue with the current gunpod on the Harrier. Initially it was API and acted according to how the gunpod was designed to work on the Harrier. Several months ago it was changed to SAPHEI-T instead, however, there is no option to change ammunition within the gunpod. Unfortunately with the switch to the new ammunition it does no damage to targets such as a BMP-3 or Bradley, vehicles which should be easily destroyed by the GAU-12. Several weeks after the initial switch there was an attempt to change the SAPHEI-T to be more damaging however it would not dam
  6. The server we run on has about 800 ai units at any given time with many of those being moved by tac commanders. Because of this trying to run scripts at the same time as that would very likely crash the game. That being said more AI from Deka would be very welcome. They have done a great job so far contributing units to CA and it's created a very fun ground war. More Chinese SAMs would definitely add more flavor to air defenses. It's a shame the US and NATO SAMs are down to a very small variety
  7. LD-10's in their current state are nearly impossible to defend. The AGM-88C can be shot down by a set (2) of tors set to auto fairly easily. They can be over-saturated by sending several HARMs at them at once but they have no issues shooting down at least one or two. On the other hand I was having huge issues trying to shoot down LD-10's. Out of 4 fired every 20 or so seconds 1 was intercepted, 1 missed the target, and the other 2 killed a set of tors. To intercept a single LD-10 I had 5 sets of tors (10 tors total) all set to red (radar always emitting). These missiles are not all tha
  8. Can confirm, I tried this earlier and immediately had a crash
  9. Is there any timeline for when the Hornet and Viper list of final features will be posted?
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