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  1. Here is a screenshot that I took while landing the F5 in Sept. 2020. Heat blur is visible. This was after an in-flight start.
  2. How do I get this problem reported as a Bug Report?
  3. So I guess it was referring to the sound module on my motherboard that runs my speakers. What confused me was that I have always run 2 sound modules, one for speakers and one for SSSM, and I have never seen that message pop up before. Whatever was triggering the message has apparently been resolved since I did not see it yesterday when I started up DCS with SSSM & SSA. Thanks for the reply. Edit: Sorry for my mis-interpretation of what was happening, took a couple days for this to sink in. The Note was telling me that I had inadvertently opened 2 insta
  4. Sorry, here is another attempt to display the Note.
  5. The last few times that I have loaded SSSM (beta) & SSA with DCS, I have noticed the attached "Form Load" note appearing. No idea what this means. I run SSSM through a second USB sound card, which is selected in the Settings box in SSSM. My external speakers run from the onboard sound module on my motherboard. Does anyone have any idea as to why this "Form Load" message keeps popping up? The SSSM software seems to be running my bass shakers ok, plus my external speakers run fine.
  6. Yes, I have noticed that the F5 attitude indicator easily gets out of sync with the true horizon, after doing any significant banking or climb/dive maneuvers. I flew the T38 in USAF pilot training, it did not have that problem. So, I think it is a simulation bug that needs fixing.
  7. Just checked air versus ground start on the F5. You are right, no heat blur with air start, but do have heat blur with ground start. That should be an easy bug for ED to fix. Update (1/22/2020): Today I am not even getting heat blur in the F5 using a ground start.
  8. Engine "heat blur" used to work fine on all my planes. Recently I have noticed that is no longer visible on either the Low or High "Heat Blur" setting. Anyone else have this issue? Any ideas as to what the problem may be?
  9. Yes, the RCA jacks would go into the "Input" connection on your amp, i.e., you are feeding the SimShaker telemtry signal "into" the amp in order for it to be amplified before going to your bass shaker. However, it appears that you have a single-channel mono amp, not 2-channel stereo amp. I'm not sure how the 3.5mm jack with 2 RCA stereo jacks might work with your mono system. Maybe you would need a 3.5mm jack with a single RCA plug on the other end.
  10. Yep, get a second USB sound card to handle the vibration telemetry signals from SimShaker. I use the $14 UGREEN USB audio adapter (https://www.amazon.com/UGREEN-External-Headphone-Microphone-Desktops/dp/B01N905VOY) I have a powered 10 port USB hub connected to my computer USB port. All my HOTAS hardware is connected to that USB hub. The USB cable from the UGREEN adapter also plugs into that USB hub. Then get a "3.5mm Plug Male to 2 x RCA Male Adapter Cable". The 3.5mm jack goes into the green connector port on the UGREEN module and the RCA jacks go to the left-right "Line In"
  11. Might want to post this in DCS: F-86F Sabre This is the F-5 sub-forum.
  12. Second that comment. I have the same issue with the Warthog stick. I see some folks have recommended getting a lighter Warthog spring. I am a former USAF pilot and have performed AAR in the F-111, F-100 and A-37. The control sticks in the real airplanes were nothing like the Warthog in terms of feel and making small, precise control movements. My first attempts at AAR in DCS were extremely frustrating failures, given that I had done it so easily in real life. Part of the problem is also the lack of a wide field of peripheral vision that our computer screens create.
  13. I have been flying an F-16 Thunderbird for the past year. Screenshot attached.
  14. Small point here. I have both, but I give bonus points to the F-16 for the unobstructed canopy view versus that annoying front canopy frame in the Hornet. With the limited view we get of the world on our computer screens, it is really nice to have that unobstructed view from the F-16 cockpit, especially during AAR re-fueling.
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