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  1. No launch warning is given because of the missile datalink, which guides the missile into its acquisition basket to begin terminal homing - exactly like AMRAAM in TWS and STT, the latter which is not the case in LO. I've brought this up before in beta testing - an AMRAAM and R-27 launch in STT should not give any missile launch warning to the target, only later when the missiles activate their own seekers. Early model AIM-7Ms do provide a launch warning because they have no datalink. Sparrows have been updated since then to include a missile datalink in the AIM-7P version, IIRC, which enter
  2. Hey, you can always PM me if you feel like throwing some mud. Cause that post was rather pointless. And hurtful - what a terrible thing to say....
  3. http://www.acc.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123041831 "Invisibility - even with eyes on When the Raptor finds itself in a dogfight, it is no longer beyond visual range, but the advantage of stealth isn't diminished. It maintains "high ground" even at close range. "I can't see the [expletive deleted] thing," said RAAF Squadron Leader Stephen Chappell, exchange F-15 pilot in the 65th Aggressor Squadron. "It won't let me put a weapons system on it, even when I can see it visually through the canopy. [Flying against the F-22] annoys the hell out of me." Lt. Col. Larry Bruce, 65th AS com
  4. It's the new Batman movie that's breaking records all over the place. Are you the DarkWanderer because you're always in the dark about things? :harhar: Wow, that was a terrible joke. Honestly, Batman, and the Joker, watch it. Anyway, I will elect to pull the ejection handles on this pointless thread.
  5. I'm sorry - I didn't know anyone would get this worked up over, as you put it, such a "pointless discussion" in such a "pointless thread." Personally, I like to exercise the option not to read anything that I deem pointless, but I guess that's just me. I recommend that you go watch The Dark Knight. It'll make you feel better :) I watched it twice.
  6. TWS is a radar mode, and even the harshest F-22 critics agree that the Raptor is radar stealthy. Failed. You got the thrust ratio for the F-22 wrong already. Failed. The Su-30 has a higher "turn ratio"? Making stuff up. Failed. Three strikes, yeeeeeeeeeeeer out!
  7. If I remember correctly, the guy who said an F-5 (with an advanced SRAAM) was just as much as a threat as an F-22 WVR was an advocate for off-boresight missiles. It was a Navy official who was not involved in any way with the F-22 program - in fact, no DACM was conducted between F-22s and F-5s at the time the statement was issued. Furthermore, Groove, I have to say, GGTharos is right. Red Air F-16 and F-15 pilots have stated with JHMCs and AIM-9X, they can't even lock up the Raptor despite being able to see it with their own eyes. Also consider that F-22s have been armed with AIM-9Ms and ar
  8. Oh right, now I remember. Thanks.
  9. Unless other sources are around to corroborate this information, I'd take it with a grain of salt. The date of that article goes back to February - surely more people would've heard and reported something about a Su-35 purchase by now if it was true,
  10. These are the only other photos that I know of...
  11. IMO, he didn't "bend" anything you wrote. How he read your message was exactly how I read your message, and I replied to your posts in the exact same way. I doubt Rhen was trying to offend you. He's just a busy guy.
  12. AH-64D Block III First Flight ST. LOUIS, July 11, 2008 -- The Boeing Company [NYSE: BA], U.S. Army leaders, supplier representatives and other guests celebrated the first flight of the AH-64D Apache Block III helicopter this week in Mesa, Ariz. Just prior to a ceremony attended by more than 300 people at the company's Apache production facility, the aircraft was flown by two Apache-rated aviators -- U.S. Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Richard Cody and an Army experimental test pilot, Chief Warrant Officer 5 Rucie Moore. "This milestone is a testament to the tremendous team effort of T
  13. Um, the rotors make up virtually the ENTIRE silhouette of a helicopter. The rotor disc area for the Ka-50 is over 300 m^2. It doesn't matter if the helicopter is static - it's rotor blades aren't. That's what gets picked up and tracked. For example, on your radar scope, a hovering helicopter contact will appear stationary - that is, the radar "brick" won't move. But when you lock it up, your radar will calculate the speed of the rotors, NOT the entire helicopter. I think that's what Rhen was saying. Forgot what? The rotor blades MOVE - or more specifically, generate radia
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