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  1. Anyone here upgraded from the old jetrix version to the new flight jetseat with 8 motors, does it feel any better? I'm looking to upgrade because 2 of my motors failed in my jetseat so effectively have only 4 left missing one on my butt and 1 in the back so it still works somehow but not great.
  2. Maybe this is something for you, I use it in vr to write down things. I use a huion h640p which is small enough to fit on your knee with some strap around your leg. Cost something like $30 which is pretty cheap for what it offers. VRK vr kneepad
  3. Where can I change the PTT confirmation sounds, I don't want them off but rather change them to my own wav files if that is possible.
  4. I know Aerofly FS2 runs on vulkan and that must be one of the best optimized flight "sims" for vr atm. I know it does not have to run complicated systems in the background like dcs and xplane for example, But it sure runs like a dream and with a orbx innsbruck or netherlands installed it's demo worthy to show others the capabilities of vr.
  5. Please add me to the list also. thx in advance.
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