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  1. The more vague the law the easier it is to claim you've violated it and somehow I can't see the Russian courts particularly ruling in 'our' favour. Same as butting up against ITAR though - at the end of the day, government's gonna government.
  2. Well if you look at the Enemy Engaged series, they specifically paired Apache against the Mi-28 and the Comanche against the Ka-52 But I agree with the general sentiment that we shouldn't be looking for 'helicopter dogfighting' - give them both mission profiles that suit them, and let each pilot enjoy their own bird.
  3. Glad you've got the launch working If you're still getting the Master Cautions any chance you could save a track of it and upload?
  4. Firstly, does the left DDI show anything when the Master Caution comes on? A great many warnings appear there. 1) Home Fuel? If you go into afterburner you'll often get that warning. 2) Take off Trim? If you don't have that set then you'll get a caution when you throttle up, can't remember if that's only an aural alert. 3) Did you remember to Salute? Under the ground crew menu
  5. I guess it depends on the system under the hood. If it's simply referencing the static pressure as measured at the time of engagement, then the setting on the altimeter is irrelevant.
  6. Multi-role. Nothing else is remotely reasonable.
  7. It shouldn't, especially given only electronic trim has been implemented at the moment.
  8. FM Update coming soon so hopefully things will improve
  9. Thanks - I guess I'd been overthinking it, on the basis an uplock (as per your Tornado handle) is always user-controllable so wouldn't necessarily have been described in NATOPS.
  10. Can't see an attachment, but the standard console panels (best demonstrated on the right console) are 5.75" wide, and a multiple of 0.375" long. If you have a prod around in the Home Cockpits section you should be able to get some good info - Mustang I think it is has plans out for Hornet panels. Failing that, I've attached the baseline spec you need (MS 25212) for panel sizes. Hope that's a start for you. Panel Size.PDF
  11. Hear hear. F/A-18 Korea was the first flight sim I ever played, and occasionally for a burst of nostalgia I'll fire up the training video. It's been a long wait for a proper Hornet simulator, especially given all the attention given to the Viper throughout the Noughties. Thanks again ED!
  12. That's considerably better than any of the pictures I'd have come back with! I've attached the ones I used - although Mongo, do you have many more interior shots you're in a position to upload?
  13. Thanks an awful lot for that - been trying to confirm in the Home Cockpits section what the white part was, I'd thought it was possibly part of an uplock control. Much appreciated!
  14. From ATP c. Speeds. (1) Tanker. The tanker speed during a RV procedure is prescribed in the tanker’s flight manual and repeated in the applicable National SRD; this speed is normally optimised for best tanker performance. This is the speed that the tanker will fly if communication is not established with the receiver. If the tanker’s speed differs from that listed, the tanker should advise the receiver in the RV Initial Call. (2) Receiver. The receiver should normally fly the speed prescribed in its flight manual and listed in appropriate tanker N
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