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  1. Thanks guy's, appreciate the answers. Tried what you said and set the sub to 50%. Mission start 1 it was a no show, mission start 2 it was there and then mission start 3 it was a no show again.
  2. I have done a good search for an answer but can't find anything yet. I'm wondering if it is to set the life percentage of an object being placed. In this case a Sub. Also, while I'm asking, what is the "Combat" button for as well? Thank you.
  3. Not sure if anyone is following this or not but I figured it out. I didn't realise I had to put "FARP ammo storage" and "FARP fuel depot" near each helipad. I could not rearm or refuel. Once I added both these to my mission for each helipad everything worked properly.
  4. I'm not sure if this will help you or not. But I recently built a Huey mission flying off single helipads but forgot to put "FARP ammo storage" and "FARP fuel depot" near each helipad. I could not rearm or refuel. Once I added both these to my mission for each helipad everything worked properly.
  5. Hi all, I have 6 single helipads lined in a row with a Huey on each. They are all set the same, I didn't change any settings on the helipads, they are stock as when you place them. Problem is though, helipads 1 & 2 won't respond to rearm/refuel requests but the other 4 do. It's weird. I have all six lined up next to one another so it looks like one long helipad, the banks of each overlap one another. I can't see that this would cause an issue when helipads 3-6 work fine. Any idea's please.
  6. I would like to hear from those who have either used the Mav-F's in real life or have experience in this field regarding the realism of using them compared to how they are used in this sim please. Before the recent updates of the Litening Pod, I know we could fly along and destroy 4 trucks with 4 Mav-F's one after the other all in a single pass. (I mean select, target and shoot, then immediately move to the next target and shoot again and so on 4 times, killing all 4 trucks in one pass.) Now with the more realistic updated targeting options with the Litening pod and how we are supposed
  7. Arrrr talk about a work out. Finally realised that with TrackIR on it was affecting not only my F7 key but my F9 key also.(Haven't used those keys much until now for comms purposes) I did a search on this forum and found that untrapping those keys in TrackIR settings outside the sim stopped the issue with the keyboard. I know we don't usually have trackIR on while using your keyboard outside your sim but while narrowing down the causes for my issue I found that when trackIR is on it did affect my keyboard when doing a keyboard test online. So it would seem to be solved yet again... I hope :
  8. Thanks for the heads up on the mouse click, I may need that because it wasn't the keyboard after all. Swapping it to a new one worked ok for a bit then it started playing up again. So now I'm guessing a corrupt game file or something. Now I'm going to run the repair DCS world and see what happens.
  9. Turned out to be a faulty F7 key on my keyboard.
  10. Easy comms was on and it seems at this point to have been the problem. I'll be flying tonight and hope to find out. Thank you.
  11. I'm having issues communicating with the awacs I put in my mission. While sitting on the carrier and the radio is on I can chat via the radio/F7 and get answers. But after setting IFF, TCN, D/L I can't seem to communicate with them anymore. Even after take off F7 chat option is greyed out and non responding. I have set the awacs radio frequency to the same as the Hornet. Later in the mission they do tell us when enemy planes are around but we can't ask them for any info. I do have it set to invisible in the mission settings. Any idea's? Cheers, Aussie Pilot.
  12. Thanks Shagrat, It would appear I had something set wrong in the options where it says " Use this setting in all missions. I had mine set to simulation but the labels option wasn't checked. Then I opened the mission again and reset it there also, saved and now it seems all good. Not sure how it ended up that way to begin with considering my other missions worked, may be an update I didn't notice or something. Cheers, Aussie Pilot.
  13. Hi Guy's, I know labels aren't for everyone but either way they are not showing in a mission I made. The missions I made previously work fine and when I compare my settings between them all there seems to be no reason why they shouldn't show. In mission setting options I have labels ticked (enforced) with them set to FULL. I've been over everything I can think of, comparing settings to other missions even down to individual aircraft settings etc but I can't find an answer. Any idea's what to look for please? Cheers, Aussie Pilot.
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