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  1. My impression is that the GIMBAL ROLL warning has more to do with how fast and how far you've changed heading and bank, presumably, when the longitudinal gimbal is reaching its limit. It does seem when it hits this limit and loses track, it sometimes comes back to the original target. The deadzone problem is due to the lateral gimbal not quite being able to elevate to 90 degrees, so when it hits that limit, the longitudinal gimbal goes crazy trying to track it. AFAIK, there's no warning for this, you just lose your track and it never comes back.
  2. I think OP is talking about the TGP dead zone on the nose. ED claims this is realistic, but I've yet to hear anyone in the know in RL pipe up and confirm this. A simple workaround is to use INR (ground stablized mode) for the TGP, and only use POINT or AREA tracking when needed. POINT/AREA tracking try to stabilize the TGP based on what it sees in the video image, so when the camera hits the deadzone, the tracking goes haywire. Why it wouldn't revert to P-INR or A-INR like it does when the spot is to the rear is beyond me. Having the TGP in INR seems to prevent this from happening, since
  3. I couldn't find this mentioned after doing a quick search. All the entries for China Hat switch FWD short are shifted over to the right one column: "Toggle FOV" should be under "TAD", and each entry moved to the left one space
  4. AFAIK EGI degraded accuracy is not modeled, just alignment time. As long as you align the EGI long enough to get your systems running, the EGI accuracy is still perfect. As such, there's no disadvantage to in-flight or fast alignment in terms of EGI accuracy.
  5. The rotational mass of the fan blades is a lot smaller than a comparable propeller, and the diameter of rotating parts is generally small--the fan might be big, but the faster spinning core blades have a pretty tiny diameter. There's still an effect, but it's not like it'll help you do snap rolls or anything...
  6. The only major built-in bug I know of is the left panel console lighting always stays on, even if you turn if off, but I haven't checked if it's still there in 2.7. Also, in VR with the experimental frustrum-culling turned on, flood lighting does not render in the right eye, but that's not really fair.
  7. There is not a master caution alert when you pull the throttles to idle. Are you talking about the landing warning horn? That goes off if your gear is up, your airspeed is below a certain speed and you throttle is below a certain position (I can't remember any of the details off the top of my head).
  8. Yes, although it will still move forwards at the same speed as the plane, IIRC
  9. Go to the MFCD STAT page, press the HCMS button at the top, and make sure DAY is highlighted instead of NIGHT on the right side
  10. I should point out that for me in mission 3, the cloud cover is a low overcast, so it's a little incongruous when Davy and Mono start calling out explosions on the ground when it's a solid layer under us! I fly in VR, not sure if that matters
  11. TLDR - you're using the wrong grid zone. The area used by the campaign is split right down the middle between 37T and 38T. You will often take off in one and fly to the other, so if you copy a waypoint from your flight plan without changing it, you'll be in the wrong grid zone.
  12. Not that I can tell, but I noticed there's a tendency to start out with HCMS in night mode if it's anywhere near dusk or dawn.
  13. The lever is an electrical switch. The actual hydraulic gear valve is driven by solenoids switched by the lever. The lever is actually locked in the down position by a third solenoid when the weight-on-wheels sensor is on, and unlocks to allow the lever up when weight is off the wheels.
  14. You might have more luck giving feedback on the Mudspike forums. I don't know if chuck is active here
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