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  1. Seeing that the refueling probe itself is a pivot in the 3D modeling software, you should in theory be able to select the probe door itself, and hide it/delete it, unless the probe and the door itself are meshed together as one
  2. BuNos are not airframe specific. There can be 12345 on a tomcat, and 12345 on an A-6.
  3. Poking this rather than making a new thread. I think this would be pretty handy for the deployment birds, could be an options menu change, or a mission editor thing
  4. Deadline is the 21st, so if any squadron is interested, you have a little over 48 hours
  5. Probably had a bad spray ring. Better hit up the maintenance O
  6. Fairy certain this is a variant thing. Same thing with early tomcats having different ECM antennas, the front landing gear is a little different. Also, could be a different tire, in which the rim connection point is further into the tire.
  7. Look at any video of a tomcat taxiing, it’s just pure engine whine from the intakes, even at the rear view. Though at a high enough RPM, the engine whine will go away and the exhaust sound will be exponentially louder
  8. About a week from now, much appreciated for the pin
  9. Going to bump this, just in case someone was still interested and this got lost in the depths of the forum
  10. Want to see your squadron featured in the 2021 DCS F-14 Fighter Fling? To get more in depth, a fighter fling was the name for F-14 Tomcat videos that included all squadrons of the United States Navy. Nowadays, it is referred to as "Rhino Ball" videos and "Growler Ball" videos. The plan is to bring this idea to DCS, and unite some of DCS's F-14 Tomcat squadrons together for the ultimate fighter fling. If you are interested, join the discord server and follow the simple steps listed. If you want to know a little more about fighter flings, go watch this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g22g1fR
  11. Comms settings will go client side unless the server requires real comms. So, if you have easy comms, and the server has real comms, you will get real comms.
  12. It was the first 4th gen fighter. The hud is accurate.
  13. In theory, the tomcat could, probably not a TF-30 cat
  14. Did it get reverted back to the old guidance? Just 2 patches ago, it was perfect in that the TTI was when it went active, which was set by the TGT size switch
  15. DCS Open Beta JAN 27 2021 DCS: F-14 Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations Fixed clock becoming inaccurate over time. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/changelog/
  16. Over the moon is an understatement. Over Saturn is more like it
  17. The cone gimbals around as needed. It’s a continuous wave.
  18. Let's gaze upon some munitions that will never touch the belly of the F-14 in DCS for a long time without mods. Come back in 10 years, and check to see if the docs are unclassified yet.
  19. What sparrow variant, what radar mode are you in, are you in the latest open beta update, and can you show a clip of what’s happening?
  20. You aren’t going into the specific mode to access gain control and laser code. QDES is a single designated point, not a moving point. The moving target thing takes an experienced RIO/WSO to do. Once again with the auto lase, you haven’t set it up properly. refer to the HB manual, or tutorials on the LANTIRN.
  21. Well a PTID, the actual PTID software update that includes the JDAM, the LANTIRN software update for the JDAM, CDU, EGI, PMDIG, AWG-15H fire control set, the new mission computer, and some other things.
  22. I saw this during a CASE III and was skeptical which tacan source to go off of. Seems that the code inverts the BDHI tacan needle under a certain parameter.
  23. Nah, what I said is not realistic and is a bug. It does feel like an on off switch, but should change pitch with RPM
  24. The early F-14A tail with the ALR-45, yes
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