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  1. You have ACLS selected. Switch HUD and VDI to ILS. Also, switch ICLS channel to the carrier
  2. 1. Pilot selects role in "Select Role" Menu. Pilot can go to briefing page, but NOT hit "FLY". 2. RIO selects role and awaits pilot to accept RIO into the slot. 3. Once accepted into the jet, RIO will hit "FLY" in the briefing menu 4. Pilot hits "FLY" in the briefing menu. Result: Wings in 68 degree position for both pilot and RIO.
  3. Nah, they defend at the top of the Phoenix’s loft
  4. Just wait for the forum post from them. They usually say something along the lines of; Our F-14 and Viggen patches didn't make it into the notes. Here they are
  5. What HOTAS do you have? I've found that the X56 has ghost inputs occasionally.
  6. Seeing that the A-6 is coming to DCS, I was curious when/if we were going to start seeing some of the other variants of the TALD, such as the ADM-141B which dispensed chaff, and the ADM-141C ITALD which had a motor on it, which was actually used to saturate airspace over Baghdad in Desert Storm. All 3 variants of the TALD could and can be used on the F/A-18 as well.
  7. I was curious if HB added the functionality for weight on wheels AWG-9 operation? I know it's a thing in the 4 RIO training missions, but I was curious whether the RADAR TEST switch was accessible to everyone? I was wanting to use it with a buddy of mine to teach him some things without getting off of the ground.
  8. Look up Iran-Iraq war. Iranian F-14s got a very VERY good PK rate with the 54A mk47s even with its degraded CCM and ECCM
  9. Also on the TALD, I was curious whether we were ever going to see the other 2 variants of the TALD; the chaff one and the passive RF one. Or even if the active RF of the 141A that we have is modeled.
  10. It’s not a super carrier bug. It’s been a thing since the Stennis
  11. There’s a function on the CAP category that allows you to merge previous tracks with new ones. Not implemented yet.
  12. This is some great work. Hopefully this can be considered/implemented to be in DCS.
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