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  1. 1. Yes, the lines on the TID will be angled to correspond to the radar’s azimuth setting. 2. it only corresponds to TWSM, yes. TWSA is all computer controlled. 3. You can change the azimuth setting all you want in TWSM. The bar setting will always correspond to 4 or 2 depending on the azimuth setting.
  2. I think it might get overcrowded in the loadout menu with all those phoenix liveries
  3. Probe light exists. The basket light is not a thing, as of this video. Though, I assume it may be a thing for a different variant of the 135. I know there is a boom light, though.
  4. Just waiting for my CATM-54 and CATM-7
  5. It’s IRST imaging. Look at where the center line is in relation to the image, vs how far to the right it would be in comparison to the TPOD
  6. I have photos of IRST imaging
  7. Which is actually unrealistic, and it should return unknown.
  8. Sounds like he didn’t have his IFF on
  9. Not sure what that means at all.
  10. They could do it, but they can’t because they don’t have enough info on how to do it.
  11. AWG-9 was very much capable of using the 120. Hence, these test photos of an F-14A. Though, I’m not saying anything about adding them. I think the 120 should never touch any pylon of the tomcat in DCS.
  12. I think the F-14A Upgrade, F-14B Upgrade, and F-14D would be their own complete module. DFCS, EGI, MFDs, PTID, CDU, all that fancy stuff is on a whole 'nother level of tomcat. The F-14D would be such an unstoppable force in DCS. Maybe the F-14A and B Upgrade could be an actual module upgrade like the A-10C II, but the F-14D is on a different tier. I like the aesthetic that the pre-DFCS-PTID tomcat, it makes it feel much more responsive and cold war era based.
  13. VF-11, VF-32, VF-101, VF-102, VF-103, and some others all got the B Upgrades. 1998-2004 area is where you can find F-14B footage with the sparrowhawk and PTID. We won’t be seeing a B Upgrade unless Heatblur got the -1A from 2004 and had permission to use the info from it, and/or other docs containing B upgrade info
  14. Yes, less time between the phoenix going active and the time to impact.
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