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  1. After cutscene ends jettison tank, split S down to build up Energy. Use the Energy to gain nose position by coming back up on their 6 low. They should then be easy picking for missile shots at that altitude
  2. It's fine, its not much of an inconvenience since its on the last mission. The rest of the campaign seems to be working well and is playable.
  3. AI flankers now attack before the the cutscene ends and before they turn from friendly to hostile. Rising Squall mission 12 bug.zip.acmi
  4. Can you change it back? All AI flankers are attacking immediately, before they switch from friendly to hostile and before the cutscene is even over. Mission 12 is now bugged and unplayable
  5. Super Hornet fits all the hints made by ED (Boeing aircraft, modern but not too modern, multicrew with F-18F variant, BLUEFOR). Matt Wagner is also probably very familiar with it after working on Janes F-18
  6. I'm pretty sure its going to be the Super Hornet
  7. Squadron Name: none Contact person Discord ID: Pixy67 #9892 Aircraft Selection: Su-27 or F-18C Pilot: Pixy67
  8. best way to deal with Jester 1. Disarm your ejection seat 2. hit Ctrl E 3 times 3. goodbye Jester 4. Enjoy the convertible weather and better visibility ;)
  9. confirming my participation - Pixy67
  10. event: 1v1 Squadron Name: Discord ID: Pixy#9892 Aircraft Selection: TBD Pilots: US - Pixy67
  11. name: Pixy67 squadron: country: USA discord ID: Pixy67#9892
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