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  1. Are you getting any precipitation at all? I don't even get rain appearing anymore outside the aircraft. I do, however, hear the rain, and see droplets on the cockpit itself. This is making it very easy to see though during rainy Case 3s. If you have any weather preset that works, let me know.
  2. I really hope so. Cap is probably itching to finally recreate that one
  3. You cannot acquire a target with the litening pod unless you slew to them with radar, and even so you cannot get a track on them with the litening. The ATFLIR seems to have more advanced A-A capability.
  4. Trying to figure out the capabilities of the ATFLIR for Air to Air combat if radar is off. Can missiles be fired similarly to how a SU-33 can fire without its radar on and using the optical sensor? I would assume yes, it can fire at least a Fox 2 as all you need is the direction of the target to slew the heat seeker head and don't need ranging. But can you also fire a Fox 3 using the laser for ranging to tell it where to fly until going pit-bull? This is a fierce ongoing debate in our squadron, and I can't seem to find anything online to help answer this.
  5. This was built by NZXT BLD and I don't 100% believe that they actually swapped things out like they said. But I found a loose screw in it too (turned out to be for an LED strip) so don't know what to think. This is actually the only game which is ridiculous. I do use NZXT CAM. All looks fine but maybe I should turn down the default amps? Its at 60 at the moment for both pins by default. Thanks for all the help everyone :) I'll update you if I find anything that helps fix this tomorrow.
  6. Adding the summary of windows events. Haven't tried DCS the past 2 days because I hate seeing my computer crash like this lol
  7. 1. What would help in the DXDIAG report? And how do I get that? Through the DXDIAG.exe? 2. Pasting some odd stuff I found in the event viewer below. 3. I use an 8+6 pin. Same cord coming from the PSU. I can try replacing that cable next.
  8. I know. I just ran more stress tests including First Strike and the other DX12 one and I pass all the pre-crash thresholds shown in here without trouble. I can play other games that don't cause these problems at all but are far more intensive. Any other info I can provide? Or any ideas haha.
  9. Unfortunately, didn't work when upping to 8 seconds. Even ran the game 1920x1080 with a very limited FPS instead of 2560x1440. Made no difference. See Crash log from GPU-Z attached. Crash occurs at 2020-01-24 12:03:16.782. Next thought is to replaced my GPU thermal paste. GPU-Z Sensor Log_3.1.txt
  10. I agree. I want to try this. How do I change it? Didn't see it in that forum or online. Do I need NVIDIA NSights? Or does NVIDIA Control panel or windows handle it.
  11. I had always heard DP is better, but I can try out the HDMI and see if ti makes a difference. I have two monitors thoguh and one uses HDMI, but both turn off when my GPU crashes either way. I'll reinstall GPU-Z and post the log here if it crashes. Then I can tryout some voltage modding. Thanks
  12. I already gave it a look but there was no fix. I thought this one was applicable. Was there a solid fix to it I missed?
  13. Ran stress tests, nothing happen. PSU was RMA'd and replaced. I replaced the PCI cable as well and made sure its in properly. New GPU, New MOBO, same issue. Must be a problem with the installation I'm thinking. I ran stress tests and no crashing. I have great cooling (and my rooms pretty cold too) so the temps never got above 140 Fahrenheit. Also never hit a point that i didn't have enough power. Also no overclocking on anything. Running low graphics. Shouldn't cause much stress at all. Is there a way to also limit my frames in the game?
  14. Hey guys! New to the forum and DCS World but having a bit of a problem. Everytime I get into a DCS World Flight, I crash within about a minute of flying if I last that long. This is happening in both steam edition, and the standalone. No mods or anything extra installed, just the instant flights. My GPU fans spin up, the light on the gpu turns off, and my screens go black. Sound continues. I got the PC through NZXT BLD and I've sent it back to them. They swapped the mobo, CPU, PSU, and GPU and they think it may be some software issue. I've tried reinstalling all drivers, flashed the bio
  15. Find a solution to this? I'm having the same issues.
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