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  1. Yep, Rshift+P is in the controls menu for pilot toggle but it's not possible to assign a joystick button to it.
  2. I haven't tried, I'm not at home at the moment. I'll have a look later but I don't want to use the keyboard because I fly in VR. I usually assign the key bind to a button on my stick so I can do it quickly without having to look. If Rshift + P is there, I should be able to bind that, I just couldn't see it in the settings, I'll have to have another look. (I was having a little difficulty priming the fuel and turning on the fuel pump because the geezer's leg is in the way.) Thanks.
  3. I'm talking about the Christen Eagle II. That does.
  4. I fly in VR and like to be able to quickly toggle the pilot body on and off to access certain switches. Is there a key bind for this? I couldn't see one in the settings. Thanks.
  5. Flying in VR; I'm pretty sure I used to be able to close the canopy by clicking on the strut but it doesn't seem to be working now (or I'm not finding the right spot to click). I can open it by clicking on it but not close it. Is this a bug?
  6. Yes, I think it's the same thing. I did a search of the forum before posting but didn't spot this. At least I know other people are hearing it and it's not just me imagining ghosts in the machine.
  7. I'm just curious, when flying the F-14, what's that constant sound I can hear that sounds like the whistling sirens of some distant ghostly ice cream vans? Is it just the sounds of the Tomcat engines? I don't hear anything like it in any other aircraft, it's very unique.
  8. Yes, that's why I'm thinking it won't be much use for DCS. I can get 60 - 70+ fps in some single player missions, depending on map and module, but I'm usually happy just to have a stable 45fps (or lower, as long as it's smooth). Still going to try 120Hz at least once though, just for the craic, to see how it performs and looks. (I just noticed, the spec in my sig is well out of date and not what I'm running! I should change that.)
  9. I enabled it in the Quest 2 experimental section but I still only have up to 90Hz when I click on the headset in the desktop devices section. Maybe it's just not fully unlocked yet on mine. It took a few restarts before I saw the AirLink when that was first released. But thanks for clarifying. I doubt I'll use it anyway. From your test it doesn't sound like it'll be much use for DCS, I was just curious to try it.
  10. So do you see an option in the desktop software to turn on 120Hz? Is it on the same Beta tab as where you turn on AirLink?
  11. I thought I'd try it out of curiosity. I enabled 120Hz in the headset but I didn't see any difference at all, although, even though I'm on v29 I couldn't see anywhere in the desktop software to turn on 120Hz, so maybe I still don't have it enabled yet.
  12. This might seem completely obvious with hindsight, but now I'm using my Quest 2 with AirLink the only thing that was limiting my flight time was the battery draining down. But then I realised I could use the Link cable, that I was no longer using to connect to the PC, instead I could plug it into the charging plug and keep the headset fully charged while I'm using it. It does mean I have a cable coming out of the side of the headset again, but when I was using the Link cable to the PC the battery would still drain down. This way I can fly for as long as I like.
  13. I have mine set to off, thinking it saves a few FPS, because I fly in VR, but I've never really paid much attention to whether it's actually working or not. I'm curious now, I'll have to test it on and off and see if I notice a difference. Edit: Doh! I've just realised this is in the VR section so I assume you're flying in VR too.
  14. I thought it was global illumination but since you have that off then that seems odd. I thought that was what reflected the external colours inside the cockpit.
  15. I did try landing on the roof of Leeds castle, to step out and see what the rooftop view was like, but I'm not as skilled a Huey pilot as you. Let's just say it ended in flames!
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